Who’s The Ideal Employee in 2019?


There’s a strange misconception about what makes an ideal employee. Numerous specialists in business management and HR theories have actively tried to define what traits in a worker are beneficial for the company. As a result, terms that often appear in job descriptions refer to these expected benefits that the business expects; namely, an employee who is open-minded and hard-working, who can function in a team environment, and who can take initiatives. Additionally, most job specs like to mention enthusiasm, adaptability and soft social skills to the list of demanded skills.

But, it would be foolish to assume that the ideal employee is someone who can be arbitrarily defined by the company. In reality, while business-relevant expertise can be established at a company level, other personal characteristics tend to reflect the current social evolutions. The ideal employee in 2019 is not someone who meets the business expectations. It is someone who brings the required expertise and who helps the business to connect with modern society. Typical behaviors, choices, work/life decisions, and even studies serve as an insight into each generational change. In 2019, the worker you want to hire is a digital shapeshifter who puts family and social needs at the same level than a professional career.


The ideal employee expects family-friendly options


Someone who is active online

It’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know. The principles of networking are still relevant nowadays. However, your ideal employee isn’t likely to rely on relatives or close friends within the company to establish their career. On the contrary, modern networks are built entirely online. Consequently, the first step to find your perfect worker is to look for someone who can sell their expertise online in the same way a business uses social media to increase sales. You want from your potential employee to be active on social media and maintain a relevant presence by keeping posts regular and diverse. While there is a lax-ish attitude concerning personal profiles, the ideal employee behaves like an expert online when the posts concern the business world. Naturally, you should keep an open mind and indulge personal messages regarding their family or vacations. However, keep an eye open for discriminatory and abusive posts that mark your candidate as a threat within the company. Thankfully, most young adults know how to manage their social presence professionally, both on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, for instance. Ultimately, over one-third of employers are reluctant to interview someone they can’t find online, so it’s fair to say that most modern employees understand the importance of a substantial digital presence.


Someone who doesn’t care about your office decor

The modern worker doesn’t want to stay in an office. Indeed, Millennials grew up online, and they have introduced the idea that office-based work is obsolete. They demand flexible schedules and home-based opportunities. Most young employees are open to the possibility of working with a mentor in the office while they learn to master their tasks. But very few consider staying in a company that rejects remote working options. Unfortunately, as too many companies continue to struggle with flexible scheduling and locations, in-house talent is pushed to look elsewhere for more suitable opportunities. As a rule of the thumb, the ideal employee is likely to feel more engaged with the company if remote work is made possible.


Someone who values health perks

Every candidate considers careful the job perks that a business has to offer. From free ice cream, as it’s the case at Ben & Jerry’s, to free books at Penguin Random House, it’s not uncommon for companies to treat employees to a free product. However, you need to bear in mind that your employees expect to feel cared for and appreciated in the business. While a pint of ice cream sounds delicious, they prefer health perks, such as on-site services with nurses, nutritionists or even wellness lectures. Companies such as Google, for instance, have a gym on site to encourage employees to relax and stay fit. Another excellent addition to the health perks is a telehealth solution that provides mental support for those who are going through a hectic time, at work or home. As stress, depression, and isolation are the top killers in the workplace, your ideal employee expects businesses to take preventive measures.

Staying healthy at work


Someone who wants togetherness from their job

There’s a tricky conundrum in the workplace that many employers have chosen to ignore. Employees want to work from home, but at the same time, they want to feel part of a team. Contrary to the common belief, these elements are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, you can create a healthy culture of teamwork by ensuring that tasks are adequately assigned and that communication flows freely between members of the team. Collaborative tools that enable task management and chatting can encourage a feeling of togetherness, even though your employees don’t sit at the same desk.


Someone who puts family first

It comes as a surprise to no one, modern employees want to achieve the perfect work/life balance, and that includes starting a family. Indeed, young parents often struggle to go back to work when they’ve had a baby. Companies that provide on-site nursery services can not only appeal to young families but also keep their talent in-house. Another critical point to consider is parental leave, both for mothers and fathers. Scandinavian countries offer up to 2 years of parental leave to be shared between parents for each child! The ideal employee wants to see a similar gesture from the business that guarantees fair treatment to mothers and fathers.


Someone who matches your need for talent

Each generation brings a specific set of skills in the workplace. The ideal employee in 2019 has a range of technical skills that can support the company growth. Data science, such as data analytics and data engineering, can help to make sense of trackings and results. Game development offers a new approach to gamification and app designs for all business sectors. Ultimately, the skills of today are focused on building tomorrow.


In 2019, the ideal employee possesses a strong set of technical skills that can be utilized in a remote working position. With a focus on health perks and collaborative atmosphere, worker’s expectations are reshaping the business structure.