Why an AdWords Consultant Can Change Your Business


The poor AdWords consultants. So many companies believe that they are capable of creating instantaneous results, and then get grumpy when this is not the case. Let’s break this down – Google AdWords management services will cause a change in how your business presence comes across online, but it is unfair to expect them to be magicians and to create instant results. When companies hire AdWords consultants as a fix-all solution to their online woes, believe that the consultant can achieve a lot with very few resources, or that dramatically different results will start pouring n within the first day, they are setting everyone involved in the process up for disappointment. While it might take a bit of time, the result will be worth it. So why does your company still need the services of a consultant?


Is the cost justified?

As with anything, the cost of any online marketing service can be adapted around the scope of the services that you require. A full-spectrum delivery will naturally cost less than a limited service, but it is possible to start with a limited bouquet of services and see how you go from there. Of course, you will not be able to expect the same scale of results and turnaround time from a budget setup that you would have in the case of a full bouquet. But if you need to start smaller due to budgetary or other constraints, rather get limited service than have none at all.

The most important thing is to get a return on your investment, so start by investing your money in the services of a certified Google AdWords consultant A small campaign is still better than no campaign at all – this can still make you more visible on search engines, and will take your business far further than organic SEO would have.


Automated or not?

Paid searches are easy, thanks to the assistance from the search engines, but is the convenience of automation a substitute for the human touch? No matter how far we come in the constant strive for better AI and faster automation, nothing is quite like the human mind when it comes to devising strategy, coming up with human insights and addressing the truly human aspect of any campaign. Automation might be easy, but it is just a tool and should remain that. At the center of a successful campaign is the human mind.

While online guides will gladly offer information about what AdWords consultants do, very few will tell you why you need one, and this is it. For your brand or product to truly appeal to a potential customer, there should be a strong presence of the human element. People tend to lose focus of connection a favor of speed and convenience (think “instant results!” – overnight success!”). Reaching people without connecting with them on a human level is a waste of time.


What is a realistic expectation of an AdWords consultant?

Not only will they build you a new campaign from the ground up, but they will also be able to rework any campaigns you may currently have run and adapt them to the revised strategy for maximum returns.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has spent 3, maybe 4 months working tirelessly at expanding their audience, by adapting their style, content, and feedback mechanism. You might have tried your hand at a few email campaigns, paid advertising and heaven knows what else, with only a tiny handful of new customers to show for your efforts. The money spent on those campaigns is gone, never to be seen again. Not a great feeling, is it?

An AdWords consultant, on the other hand, will work with you, hand-in-hand, to achieve the results you are after at every step of the process. While overnight results are unrealistic, you can certainly look forward to seeing short- and long-term results within a reasonable timeline. PPC advertising can be costly, but given the speed at which you will see results, particularly when compared to regular SEO, the investment quickly justifies itself. Whether you work with a company, or an individual is a matter of personal choice, but if results are what you’re after, PPC is the way to go.