Why Are Industrial Inflatables A Wise Investment?


Has your organisation spent a good fortune on temporary shelters or enclosures? Do you have numerous field projects? Do you need more privacy for an outdoor construction? You probably need an inflatable device.

Shane Perry, line of credit advisor at Max Funding, encourages businesses to invest in an industrial inflatable. According to him,” Industrial inflatables can save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Instead of building a room each time you need a shelter for a short period, you have to inflate the device and deflate it after you use it. It’s much more cost-effective than hiring a construction firm.”

Provides an Enclosed Environment

Soda and sandblasting industry in Australia have come under fire for their negative impact on the environment. 

These can affect air and water quality and contribute to noise pollution and waste management issues. Before, many blasting contractors conduct their operations in a little to zero containment space, causing tiny particles to spread in the air and water. These operations also create noise that disturbs communities. 

Blast shelters allow you to undertake blasting operations anywhere you need it. These products provide effective enclosure to restrict contaminants, maximise space, control noise level and reduce heat stress to technicians and equipment. 

The industrial inflatable blast also gets rid of unnecessary expenses for underutilised space. It’s an excellent replacement to conventional structures that take more time to set up and disassemble, and are usually costlier.

Offers Flexibility

Inflatable shelters are rapidly deployable workstations that allow working away from your main facility. These shelters provide a controlled space that can protect you from any weather. This flexibility is significant in specific industries, such as construction and security.

The Ezy-Shelter, for example, is ideal for mobile workers. It is lightweight, portable, and constructed using industrial-grade material treated for UV and flame resistant. Occupants can inflate it using electricity, generator, or truck battery and carry on with their operations anywhere.

Giant industrial inflatables are also available for more extensive operations. These are made using advanced inflatable technologies for superior durability and protection. These deployable workspaces provide a cost-effective alternative for underutilised space. You don’t have to install a structure each time you need an enclosed space for a short duration only.

Reliable Equipment for Emergency Response

Inflatable shelters are crucial for rapid response because these are quick to deploy and easy to store and transport. The innovative designs, modern materials, and superior durability make these devices truly helpful for organisations concerned with safety and emergency response.

Inflatable shelters can be used as temporary command and control post, rehabilitation room, triage shelter, information centre, briefing room, or crash site office. You may also order a customised design that completely fits your requirements,

Industrial inflatable manufacturers also design inflatable water barriers that can protect you against flooding events. These devices can be deployed in lakes and rivers to prevent water from entering areas where there’s construction or repair. These inflatable water barriers are easy to deploy, reusable, and highly durable.