Why Business Love Those Expensive Super Bowl Ads


Super Bowl ads expensive? Yes, but a recent study by Betway clearly shows they are worth every penny, across the board.

  • Super Bowl ads attract some of the biggest brands and industries in the world of business.

The most attractive industries in the world today to advertisers continue to find themselves drawn to the Super Bowl like like no other sporting event.  The industries in the study have global reputations at leveraging media to thrive and to grow. There are many that pursue Super Bowl ads but the most prominent include:

  1. Automobile
  2. Technology
  3. Beer
  4. Film
  5. and Food

It is now unusual for these businesses to buy (literally) dozens of ads per game. The automobile industry buys twice as many than any other industry (see the infograph below for more valuable information). 

  • Ad Cost Continue Growing at an Exponential Rate

Expressions like “exponential” and “J curve” are often little more than hyperbole in the world of business today. Over used and misused are common complaints about them. However, if Super Bowl ads did not work, their costs would begin to level off or even decline. That has not happened at all. In fact, they continue to grow at an incredible rate. They’ve grown so fast, in fact, words like “exponential” or “J curve” are the only words that adequately describe the enormous growth. The price per 30 second commercial has essentially doubled in the last ten years. From $2 million a 30 second spot in 2000 to $3 million in 2010, and almost double that ($5.6 million) in 2020, the sky seems to be the limit for Super Bowl TV advertising.

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