Why Business Owners Should Use Unlocked Smartphones


Chances are that if you own a smartphone, particularly an Apple iPhone, it will be ‘locked’ to the carrier from which you purchased it. This is especially true of iPhones, which will usually lock to the first network that they are used on. For many business owners, keeping costs down when it comes to essentials such as having a business phone is important. But, having a handset which restricts you when it comes to choosing the mobile networks which you use can make it more difficult for you to save money. We’ve put together some of the main reasons why all entrepreneurs and business owners should use a smartphone that is ‘unlocked’ for their business purposes.

Cutting Costs

One of the main reasons to opt for a smartphone that is unlocked, or have your existing smartphone unlocked via a service which will unlock iPhones and other handsets to be used on any network, is that it can be a significant cost-saving move. When you are no longer restricted to using your handset on one network only, it can be much easier for you to switch between networks in order to get better deals for your money. This is especially true if you are not tied in to a lengthy smartphone contract, and have the freedom to change networks at any time without incurring any extra cost.


Another reason to have your smartphone unlocked is that it allows for better flexibility. This is especially important for business owners and entrepreneurs who tend to travel a lot. If you find yourself going abroad on business quite frequently, taking a smartphone which is on a U.S. network could mean that you’ll end up paying way over your budget in the way of roaming charges. However, when you have your handset unlocked, this not only means that you’ll have the pick of every network available back at home, but you can also use it freely on international networks, too. This means that when you land in another country for business, you can use a SIM card from a network there in order to avoid roaming charges and spend less.

Selling Your Phone

As smartphone handsets are being upgraded more and more frequently, with at least two major new handsets being revealed each year from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Sony, more and more business owners are hoping to get rid of their current handset and upgrade to another which has better features and capabilities. In order to make upgrading your smartphone handset more cost effective, you might want to think about selling your current one to cover part of the cost. When your handset is unlocked, it can be much easier to sell on as not only is there a larger pool of prospective buyers, being unlocked can actually add value to the phone thanks to the benefits that the buyer will experience from it.

If you use a smartphone for business, having it unlocked can help keep the cost of using it down.