Why Every New Freelancer Needs Their Own Website



As time goes on – and especially as new challenges arise that threaten the conventional professional norms of yesteryear – an increasing number of people are pursuing working arrangements that allow for a good deal more autonomy and independence.


One of the most common paths that people are heading down in increasingly large numbers, is that of freelancing – whether with the aim in mind of ultimately creating a new business, or simply for the sake of a more location-independent working arrangement.


While there are all sorts of ways in which the career trajectories of different freelancers will vary, there are nonetheless a few things that remain consistent, and perhaps the most consistent requirement for all freelancers is that they should have their own website.


So, here are some reasons why you should brush up on your web design skills, and maybe contact an experienced WordPress Developer if you’re a new freelancer.


In order to have a presence in the place that often counts most these days – the Internet


Year-on-year, the Internet becomes more central to the ways in which we all do business – and that trend shows no sign of abating any time soon.


If anything, the recent global pandemic has indicated that, when push comes to shove, we are even more likely to rely on the web.


Customer behaviour has been mirroring the general growth in the popularity of the Internet, with more and more consumer decisions being made on the basis of information found online.


If you don’t have a convincing and polished website, you are essentially abdicating your right to have a presence in the place that often counts most with modern consumers – the Internet.


In order to have a platform for establishing communication with prospective customers and partners


No matter how good your product or service may be, your efforts as a freelancer are almost inevitably going to amount to nothing, if you aren’t able to effectively communicate with your prospective customers and business partners, and to generate a name for yourself.


Having your own website essentially gives you a “staging ground” and “platform” that you can use in order to carefully craft a message that you want to put out there.


You can be sure that whenever someone receives a marketing email of yours, comes across a YouTube video, or hears about you from a friend, they’ll be interested in checking your website in order to get a clear sense of just who you are, how you present yourself, and what you do.


In order to archive and showcase your portfolio


Becoming a successful freelancer largely relies on your ability to create an effective portfolio for yourself, that you can show to prospective clients, business partners, and even employers, in order to demonstrate your credentials.


In essence, your website acts as a brilliant way to archive and showcase your portfolio, including via the use of things like customer testimonials and samples of your past work.