Why Exactly is Content So Important in 2015


Your website is usually the first thing that people see that allows you to market your products and services to them. One way you can make sure this is effective, is by ensuring the content you post on your site is high quality. Amazing content sets the tone for the type of company you are, and makes an impression on visitors. However, grammar and spelling mistakes do not.


Although the design and ease of use of your site is very important too, content is king. You’ve probably heard that hundreds of time, but it really is. Why? Let’s take a look…


Content Affects Your Search Engine Results


People used to write content with the search engines in mind, but this would result in nonsensical jargon that nobody else could understand. It may have got you a good ranking for a short while, but this later went out of date. Now, you need to make sure you’re writing content with the audience in mind. A few cleverly placed keywords are fine, but keyword stuffing is a big no-no. Doing it like this will help you to get the most traffic on your site.


Encourage Your Audience to do What You Want Them to Do


You might think your audience already know what you want them to do, but it’s sometimes better to just tell them outright. The right type of content will encourage people to buy your product, use your service, or even just sign up for your newsletter.


Be Regarded as an Expert in Your Industry


Writing helpful content will enable you to be regarded as an expert in your industry. Writing a blog lets you go into certain topics in more detail. It also attracts more visitors and shares. Make sure you’re consistent with a blog, and only ever write quality, original posts. Posting just once a week is OK providing your content is quality enough. You can share tips, news, and other things to give your readership an idea of who you are. A DIY store who writes helpful tips in blog posts will always get more traffic and sales than one who doesn’t. Simply put: it’s a brilliant way to grow your business. The Today’s Growth Consultant Review on Youtube can help you further.


Tips for Amazing Content


Now you see why content is so important this year, it only makes sense to give you some tips on how to write it. The following tips will help you to write only the best content:


  • Double, and triple check your work. Spelling and grammar mistakes must be avoided at all costs.
  • Make sure your writing flows and is easy to read.
  • Break up your text with paragraphs, subheadings, and images. This make it easier for the reader to digest and scan.
  • Your posts must be scannable, as most readers won’t sit there and read a whole post!
  • Inject personality into your content and make it humorous if you can.
  • Make your posts at least 500 words. 750-1000 words are also acceptable if you have something worthwhile to say.


Have fun creating your quality content!