Why Feather Flags are a Superb Unconventional Advertising Tool


The world of advertising has been changed forever with the introduction of digital marketing, but it would be wrong to say that traditional channels are now obsolete. On the contrary, traditional marketing methods remain time-tested, effective, highly available, and relatively inexpensive for anyone looking to promote their business. 

According to Chron, businesses opt for advertising for accomplishing diverse goals and organizations strategically place advertisements in diverse media. Custom flags are a great way to promote your brand at events, and feather banners or advertising flags are a superb, interesting variant of the same.

Feather banners or advertising flags are bright, durable, eye-catching, and a great way to stand out among a host of generic product displays at an exhibition or boring flat landscapes. By standing out as well as being something potential customers notice, again and again, flags can cement your brand in their minds and create a solid impression. Here are some more reasons to consider feather banners as part of your marketing strategy.

Availability and Affordability

Unlike television ads which only last a few seconds and can only be shown a fixed number of times, flags provide exposure to your brand round the clock for as long as they are left up. Further, they are a one-time investment, unlike digital ads that require you to subscribe or keep purchasing ad time or ad space to remain relevant. Even high-quality double-sided flags tend to be significantly cheaper than many other avenues of marketing.

Compact and Smart

Feather flags are attractive without being intrusive. Even the largest, bulkiest flags are pretty compact, at only about 2.5 feet in width. It is great because you can use them even in crowded situations without having to worry about space considerations. Reliable printers will also use top-notch digital printing techniques so; the logo and writing will be super sharp and easy to read, no matter the size. They can be combined to display a host of messages or used independently as well depending on your budget. There are no limits on creativity since advertising flags afford you a good deal of space to express your brand identity as you please. However, you must remember fundamental design tenets and ensure you don’t put too much text or conflicting graphics on it. The message must be simple and attractive to customers.

Ease of Use and Portability

The best thing about feather banners and other modern flags is the tool-less installation process. All you have to do is ensure you have all the parts, assemble the pole kit and slide the flag on. In just a few minutes, your display is all set to last the duration of the event or much longer. The same goes for disassembly as well. You can be all wrapped up without much effort at the end of a long day. The flags and the accompanying kit are all very light, and most companies also provide carrying cases or canisters to add to the portability.


These advertising flags are also called sail flags or bow flags, and they have the power and strength to endure and combat harsh outdoor conditions. They are capable of withstanding rain, wind, and snow. They continue undeterred despite strong winds. Bow flags are ruggedly built to encounter gusty weather. 


Advertising flags are excellent for creating and boosting brand awareness and establishing brand image. You may use these versatile and dynamic feather banners to promote your business as you customize them as per your unique specifications.