Why Having ATS Software is a Must


Applicant tracking software isn’t just a nice perk anymore. Instead, this is a necessity that every company needs to invest in, if not for the bottom line, then for the employees themselves.  It’s a lot easier to control the process and fix any issues when businesses can see the full scope of who’s applying, what they’re applying to, and what kind of applicants are being hired.


These are the top reasons an ATS software is a must-have for any company moving forward.

For The Applicant’s Sake

An applicant who has worked hard has an awesome employment history and is educated in the field your company is in is gold.  Unfortunately, if you’re bogged down with hundreds of applications, it can make it hard to see the gold through all of the paperwork.  


Having great ATS software allows you to find these employees, interview them, and hire them faster than ever before.  This means you can get to them before their application is seen by a competitor, which will, in turn, put your business steps ahead.  

For Your HR Department

Any HR department can be limited in the amount of time it has available, how many employees it has available, and how much funding it has to support them.  If you use ATS software, the main thing that these employees will have to do is in-person and over-the-phone interviews and get in contact with their references.  This saves the company money and ensures that your employees have more time to focus on the other tasks that build up their jobs in human resources. 

To Ensure You Find the Best

Finding the best out of hundreds of applicants can be a lot of work.  Although fifty years ago, that may have meant digging through as many paper applications as possible, moving forward, that’s not a good use of your time. So instead, an awesome ATS software will be there to sort out your applicants and allow for you to look at them based on education, pay rate, and work history.  This sorting mechanism will enable companies to get down to the facts on what they want and ensure that they can take the time necessary to hire the best employees possible.

Pay Attention to Hiring Bias

When looking at applicants and those hired, it’s vital to consider which applicants ended up sealing the deal.  Did you have a wide swath of applicants and only seem to hire one type of person?  If so, this could be a symptom of bias in your hiring practices, which should be weeded out as quickly as possible.  Hiring bias isn’t fair to the workers, kills creativity within the company, and can set you up for lawsuits.  Be wary of any new hire group that’s all one gender and ethnicity.


Although hiring is difficult regardless of the circumstances, good software can make it easier for everyone involved and allows your company to hire the best employees possible.  Since the employees make the business: this can set you ahead in the game.