Why is Visitor Management Something Your Business Needs to Think About?


In the world of business, there are a few necessities. One is data. Another is safety. If you are looking for a way to incorporate both, then it might be time for your business to invest in a visitor management program. In the past, businesses relied on paper-and-pen books to record names, dates, and times.


Now, companies can get real-time data about the people who enter and exit the building with a high-tech Visitor Management system. These systems not only record who comes and goes, but they can be used to increase security and reduce safety risks.


These are five reasons why your business should consider upgrading from paper-and-pencil logs to a high-tech system:

1.    Increased security

As random violent acts continue to happen in workplaces around the country, visitor management software can help businesses stay safe. With these systems, you can control who enters and exits the building. You can collect vital data like names, addresses, and driver’s license numbers. You can track where people are going and if they stop along the way. You can also set quotas to limit the number of people who visit when issues arise.

2.    Sharing safety and health information

Visitor management systems can share information with everyone on site. If there is a health and safety issue, the system can share it. When areas of the building are off-limits for a variety of reasons, the system can alert visitors and regulars so they only go to safe areas. The information can be sent to messaging systems like text messages or emails.

3.    Privacy

It is way too easy to pick up a sign-in book and take it home, making the names of everyone who visits the building available to anyone with sticky fingers. If phone numbers and id numbers are in the book, you’ve got an immediate data breach. If no one is watching the book, who will stop visitors from looking at the log and find the names of competitors?


With a visitor management system, names are kept private. If someone takes the hardware, they don’t have the passwords to access the information that might be in it.

4.    Accurate and traceable records

Logbooks can be difficult to audit and trace. But, with a visitor management system, data is readily accessible. You can see who visited, when, and where they went. You can see who is keeping appointments, and how many people are attempting to sell their wares at your business. If you have an investigation, you have a thorough trail that will help you find the answers you seek.

5.    Upgraded image

In today’s world, technology rules the business world. If you are still using a paper log, that is the first thing your visitors are seeing. But, if you use a visitor management system, you show that you embrace technology and you care about your visitors. When they sign in, you can share a map of the office, the Wi-Fi passcodes, and basic information about your business.