Why it’s Important to Get Back to Basics in Business – Addition


Customer Service

While many customers submit questions and feedback via social media or automated follow-up questionnaires these days and find this type of service useful, there is also a lot to be said for direct customer service that allows for more in-depth interactions.

Even though online customer service can be time effective, businesses should never neglect face-to- face or over the phone interactions. These tend to be more personal, and can go a long way to building a strengthened relationship with a client.

With direct communications it is typically easier to learn more about customers’ needs, their problems, what they love (or don’t like) about your business as it stands right now, and any other feedback. Chat to customers and you can find out their opinions on your products and services, the selection you offer, and any added value they wish was available.

Their complaints can also provide a wealth of information that you can you to tweak your business. Listen to issues that customers present and you can find ways to better your delivery methods, service, communications and more, as well as discover new goods or services that should be added to your range to increase sales and repeat business.



We’re living in the age of Ecommerce, so increasing numbers of businesses are selling their goods and wares online. This means that shipping has become even more important than ever. People like convenience and speed, so want their goods quickly. At the same time, you’re also going to have to get your products to any stockists who sell your goods in their own brick and mortar stores or on their own websites. Now, the best way to go about this is generally to have your own fleet. This means you have full control over reliability, speed and service. Of course, you’re going to have to invest in vehicles and drivers. But in the long run, it’s more than worth the investment. When focusing on shipping, don’t forget seemingly small, but extremely important details, such as how drivers will fill up their tanks with fuel. Consider implementing Watchcard, a fleet fueling card that drivers can use to fill up as and when they need to!