Why Mobile Devices Are Hurting Your Business Security (& What You Can Do About It)


Mobile devices are hailed as the technological miracles of our age. After all, they pretty much allow us to do any task from any location or even on the go. Something that has revolutionized the way the modern world does business. Unfortunately, using mobile devices can also present a genuine threat to our businesses as well. A subject that is talked about less, but you can discover more on in the post below. 

Lost devices 


The world’s media used to erupt when some hapless government employee would leave a brown cardboard dossier full of classified information on the train. Of course, this is no longer the case in the modern age. Instead, now after a few glasses of wine, employees are leaving tablets, smartphones and laptops on public transport 


Sadly, this is something that has a much higher potential to blow up. After all, in a dossier, there may be plenty of restricted information. However, on a tech device, you will not only have data but the means of accessing that organization’s network as well. The place where even more confidential importance is store and system by which the entire business is controlled. 


Of course, what this means is that allowing organizations to protect and control mobile devices from a central, secure point is essential. Luckily, there are device management providers that are offering products that enable this. Something that means you can remotely wipe any lost, or stolen devices, protecting your business in a much more effective way. 


Unsecured networks


One of the other things that many businesses find useful about mobile devices is that they allow their employees to work remotely or from home. Something that gives them two main benefits. The first being that it allows employees to stay in contact and up to date while on the road. While the second is that it enables employers to offer workers the flexibility to avoid the commute and work from home some days. This being a benefit that many businesses used to retain their best workers or supplement salary. 


Of course, the problem with mobile devices being used for remote working is that it is effortless for an employee to use an unsecured network. That is a channel that is not private and so, therefore, can be spied upon. Obviously, once again, this can cause security problems for the business in question. The reason being that the data moving along the stream, while often confidential won’t be encrypted, making it easy for anyone with nefarious intentions to exploit. 


To that end, educating employees on, and enforcing the use of secure networks is absolutely crucial if you use mobile devices. 


Inconsistency of experience and tools 


Finally, a problem that can often occur with personal mobile device use is that they can all to easily be customized for the individual. Of course, that can be a benefit, but when it also means there is an inconsistency of experience that your employees offer the customer, you can run into trouble. 


With that in mind, it is essential to have clearly set out work processes, including what software to use. If you want to reduce any risk using a mobile device can have on the performance of your business!