Why Mobile POS Systems are Crucial for Growing Retail Businesses


If you own a retail business, generating sales is, of course, one of your most important goals. While you may spend most of your time focusing on how to get more sales, though, you may not have given much thought to how you process transactions and the impact that it could be having on your overall sales.

Today’s shoppers don’t have the time or the desire to wait in long lines. Once they’ve chosen the items they would like to purchase, they want to check out quickly. Long checkout lines are a leading cause of customers abandoning their purchases are brick and mortar stores, and they can cost your business a lot of money in lost sales.

Point of sale (POS) systems have improved drastically over the course of the last decade or so. This has made it possible for retailers to create faster and more efficient checkout processes. Still, though, long lines can build up at the counter. To help solve this all-too-common problem, many retailers have embraced mobile POS systems. These handy systems have revolutionized the ways in which small businesses can use POS systems to increase sales, and they’re crucial for growing retail businesses. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are Mobile POS Systems

Let’s start with the basics. A mobile POS system is a point of sale system that can be used throughout your retail establishment. Instead of customers having to line up at a traditional checkout counter, you can use a mobile POS system to complete transactions anywhere in the store. With this type of system, store associates typically use smartphones or tablets to process transactions.

If you have ever visited an Apple Store, you have already witnessed a mobile POS system in action. Apple was one of the first brands to pioneer mobile POS technology and they continue to use it to create great experiences for their customers.

Don’t be mistaken, though. This technology isn’t just for big businesses! Small businesses can use mobile POS systems, too. They offer numerous benefits and are crucial for growing retail businesses.

Save Your Customers’ Time

Thanks to the Internet, we’ve all gotten pretty used to instant gratification when it comes to completing purchases. We place items in our online shopping carts and checkout without having to wait in line behind other customers. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy in brick and mortar stores.

Modern customers don’t to be stuck waiting in line to complete their transactions. Many arrive knowing exactly what they need and want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Others may pick up items to buy on impulse and need to be checked out before the impulse wanes.

With a mobile POS system, you can help your customers check out quickly. This saves them time and helps prevent abandoned purchases. Fast service improves customer experience and helps ensure that your store is the one they will return to the next time they need to make a purchase in a hurry.

Improve Customer Service

Speeding up checkout times isn’t the only way that a mobile POS system can enable to you offer better customer service. When you provide your store associates with tablets or smartphones equipped with your mobile POS system, they can quickly access product information and check stock levels. Instead of needing to “check the back” for more product, they can quickly check their mobile device and even show the customer proof when no additional products are available.

Because art gallery POS  system are highly customizable, they can also be used to help associates locate products on the sales floor or in storage. Instead of having to waste time trying to find something that a customer has requested, they can quickly look up its exact location using their mobile device. Other potential capabilities include price checks, online ordering for out-of-stock merchandise, and more.

Collect Customer Contact Information

When people shop online, there are several opportunities for business owners to gather customer information that can later be used to market to and serve them. There aren’t as many opportunities for brick and mortar retailers, though.

With a mobile POS system, you can offer to send your customers’ receipts via email instead of printing them out. This gives you an opportunity to collect their email addresses and ask them to subscribe to your email list. Once you’ve gotten them to sign up, you can send out emails with promotional offers and encourage them to engage with you on social media, check out your website, etc.

As a bonus, issuing e-receipts is environmentally friendly. You’ll be doing your part to lower your business’ carbon footprint while providing a convenient option to your customers and gaining access to their email addresses.

Sell Outside of Your Store

When you are tied down to a traditional, stationary POS system, it’s hard to do business outside of your store. With a mobile POS system, though, you are free to sell in pop-up shops, public markets, and just about anywhere else you can imagine. Since a mobile POS system is, well, mobile, you can take it with you wherever you go. This can help you make more sales and increase awareness of your brand.

These systems keep track of all sorts of data, too, so you’ll be able to analyze the results of selling in various locations.


As the owner of a retail business, a mobile POS system is a must-have item. With customers increasingly turning to the Internet to do their shopping, you need to invest in technology that encourages them to shop from your store. With a mobile POS system, you can make the shopping experience simple and convenient. A mobile POS system also enables you to improve your customers’ overall experience. You can even use this type of business to take your business with you wherever you go.

If you own a retail store, a mobile POS system is crucial for growing your retail business. Start searching today to find one that is well-suited to your needs.