Why Now Is The Time To Think About A Rebrand


The year 2020 was supposed to be a good one; many of us had high hopes and big plans, which due to COVID-19, we haven’t been able to follow through with. The coronavirus almost came out of nowhere and has shown us how quickly things can change, and how difficult it can be to adapt to new realities. However, at the same time, it has also provided or will provide new opportunities – although it might not feel like it yet, and it could be the perfect time to think about a rebrand for your company. 


When the “new normal” arrives and when you can open your business again, then you will want to have a good strategy in place. You’ll want to be noticed and whether it’s with a new logo, new backlit displays or a whole new service, now is the time to plan and prepare so you can be one of the first out there, ahead of your competitors and ready to demonstrate what you can do better, faster and differently than the competition. But you do need to think about how you do this. 


The key to rebranding during a time of crisis is focusing on your community and not on your marketing. Businesses often focus on sales and marketing to build a business in good times, but in hard times that can come across as greedy. 


A good brand is one that effectively communicates what your business does and how it does it while establishing trust and credibility.  However, your brand also needs to be flexible and be able to change over time and adapt, especially in times of crisis. Knowing how to successfully rebrand is important and knowing when it is important too. It might not seem like the right time, but if your business is currently experiencing a quiet time or you’re even closed, then you have the time to prepare, and you’ll want to come back with a bang. 


Since COVID-19 has already changed the way we live and turned our worlds upside down, it actually makes sense that your business changes too and adopts a new purpose, perhaps a new symbol, a design change, or even a new name so that you can reconnect with your customers. While this pandemic has been tragic in so many ways, it has also provided an opportunity to grow or to tap into a new market.


COVID-19 has disrupted industries and will continue to do so – and we don’t know when it will end. While a rebrand can be risky and some customers may not like it, and you may lose brand recognition you worked hard to build, a brand change also invites a public image reassessment and, therefore, a public perception change.  Many businesses affected by the Coronavirus outbreak have used it as a chance to redefine their purpose and looked at how their business can be of use in the current climate, which has meant that many have found new avenues of opportunity such as food deliveries or take outs or making masks or scrubs.  If done correctly, a rebrand can be an opportunity to grow, innovate, build trust with your customers, and to be useful in a time of crisis.