Why Start Your Own Business?


Thinking of starting your own business, but on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge? Here are some great reasons it’s worth seriously considering, and why being a business owner can improve your life. 


A side hustle for an extra stream of income

One of the best ways you can protect yourself financially is by having multiple streams of income that you can tap into if needed. If the current Covid-19 situation has shown us anything, it’s that none of our careers or jobs are as secure as we’d like to think. Even without a global pandemic on, businesses can go bust leading to job losses and things can happen which can leave you jobless suddenly. With additional streams of income you never have to worry about being left with nothing at all, even if it’s not enough to fully live on you have some money until you can figure out your next move. A home based business is a great option as it’s something you can work around a full time job, but pick up the pace and promote/ sell more if needed. 


A way to earn money if you can’t or don’t want to work a ‘normal’ job

There are plenty of reasons you might not be able to, or want to work a job with set hours. Maybe your health isnt the best, and tend to have good and bad days making it difficult to commit to set hours. You might have even been injured at work, anything from a fall to an accident in an 80,000 pounds truck. Perhaps you’re raising children or caring for a family member so need work that’s flexible and can be fit around this. You might just prefer to earn money in a way that suits you rather than having to answer to a boss, undertake a long commute every morning or just do work that’s meaningful to you. Starting your own company and being your own boss puts you in control and allows you to overcome all of these issues. 


A way to improve your skills

When it comes to starting a business, making money and earning a living is of course the name of the game. However, there’s more to it than just making profits, and improving yourself is one great thing about starting a business venture. You’ll learn a wealth of new skills, push yourself out of your comfort zone and be able to do work that you enjoy and means something to you. So many of us fall into a rut when we leave formal education, starting a business allows you to keep on learning.