Why Use Vinyl Stickers for Marketing


Stickers have been used in one form or the other for advertising since the 1800s. And, in the era of television and social media advertising, stickers might seem old school but are as effective as they ever were. They are in great demand for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Custom vinyl stickers are the most popular because of their durability and versatility, say experts at Print Banners, a leading printing service for stickers in NY. Vinyl stickers can withstand extreme weather conditions and don’t fade or crack easily.

Here’s a look at the key reasons why these stickers are great for marketing.

1.   Stickers Help Brands Stand Out

In the digital age, people are blindly using online marketing. This has saturated the online space and people have started developing ad blindness. Custom stickers can help your brand stand out from the crowd. While your competitors are busy online, you can make the most of the less crowded offline space.

2.   People like Stickers

We’ve all had a penchant for stickers in childhood, whether they were of our favorite cartoon character, superhero or athlete. If your stickers are creative and eye-catching, while clearly displaying your logo and brand message, people would want to use them, giving you free advertisement.

3.   Stickers are Like Personal Recommendation

When your customers apply stickers of your brand on something they own, they are promoting your brand. Anyone who sees the sticker will consider it as a personal recommendation, turning the sticker into a type of word of mouth promotion. Studies have proven that around 82% Americans prefer word of mouth recommendations over advertisements and over 90% of these recommendations take place offline, enhancing the effect stickers can have on your brand.

4.   Stickers Allow for a Lot of Creativity

Like custom vinyl banner printing, stickers also provide you full freedom to be as creative as possible. You can come up with a design that grabs people’s attention easily. Dog food brands have used stickers shaped like dog bowls. These stickers were even sprayed with a scent of food, making every passing dog lick the sticker, grabbing the attention of the dog’s owner!

5.   Stickers are Cost-Effective

In comparison with other modes of advertisement, stickers are very affordable. Not only is the investment nominal, but the impression they leave on customers makes them even more valuable. A sticker is considered more of a gift than a tool for brand endorsement. So, people happily accept and apply stickers, instead of being irritated. These stickers act as a constant reminder and help you retain customers.

6.   Stickers Increase the Effectiveness of Other Marketing Campaigns

Stickers can enhance the effectiveness of your other brand awareness strategies. Valuable information, such as logo, message, email address, QR code and more can be printed on stickers. Studies have proven that stickers can expanded the reach of awareness programs. Presidential election campaigns have successfully used stickers to generate excellent PR.

Stickers have been used very effectively in NY, in combination with traditional advertising techniques leading to high customer engagement.