Why Virtual Receptionists Are A Better Choice Than On-Site Staff


Most business ventures require a receptionist for many reasons, including greeting customers, answering calls and being the front line image of the company. It used to be, that when you made a direct hire, you had to advertise the position, interview prospective applicants, check references, draw up contracts, set up the various insurance and social welfare paper work, and it really was a lot of fuss. Now, however, there are other options and you can now run your business without limits.


Big Savings


It is possible to have a very professional, fully trained virtual receptionist service by visiting a virtual reception website, and informing them of your requirements. It can all be done with the minimum of effort on your part and at huge savings, when you compare to an on-site receptionist. These virtual receptionists will assist your business in ways that you never thought. They provide consistent customer support, which will allow your business to grow.


24 Hour Service


There are a number of services provided that an on-site receptionist just cannot do. You will have access to a twenty four hour call answering service, and if it is a requirement, then bilingual services can be offered also. Imagine doing business with an overseas company and when they call, they are greeted in their own language. There is no better way to give a more professional first impression. Then, there is call forwarding, call routing and transfers and they will greet your customers with your custom greeting.


No Sick Days


Even though your budget might be somewhat restrictive, this won’t stop you from presenting the best image possible and it’s all possible with a virtual receptionist. For a smaller business, it’s not easy to afford a full time receptionist, and even if you can afford one, there is no guarantee that they are not going to get sick. They are going to be away from their desks for things like toilet breaks and lunch, and you will, of course, have to give vacation time in line with their contract of employment.


Never Miss A Call


You don’t have to worry about missing prospective business calls anymore because the phone is manned twenty four hours a day. Even when you are closed, you are open for calls and messages. If it’s late at night, on the weekend or even during the holidays, a virtual receptionist will take the call, take messages and if you require, re-route the call toy you all the while, doing it in a very professional and courteous manner.


Professional Image


Availing yourself of a virtual receptionist service can only be a good thing for your business. Customer service will be at its all time best, you will save money because there is no salary to pay, along with all the other various government requirements for full time employees, and you have a highly trained person, who never has a bad day, and is always kind and friendly to your current and prospective customers. It creates a really professional image of your company and it will also add to your already good reputation.



When it comes to hiring a receptionist for your business, a virtual receptionist is the wiser, more cost effective and sensible choice. Have a look at what a virtual receptionist can do for your company today.