Why WordPress is Still the Best Blogging Platform to Be Using in 2019


Are you new to blogging and web publishing in general or just want a bit of a refresher for 2019? Either way, you might be looking at a few different blogging platform options. While there are quite a few out there, you’re probably already heard about WordPress. WordPress is still the number one blogging platform in the business, and for good reason. In this article, we’re going to look at why millions of bloggers across the globe still use WordPress as a successful part of their business today. If you’re wondering how to make a website, then WordPress could be the first step. So why does WordPress remain so popular?

It’s free

One reason WordPress is still so popular is that it’s completely free. As an open-source platform, you’ve got tons of creative options at your fingertips without really having to spend any more. Not only is the platform itself free, but so are a lot of the things you can add to it to make it even better. If you choose the right hosting provider, they’ll also have free one-click installation options so that you can get up and running with WordPress in no time.

Ease of use

As well as being free, there’s another reason why WordPress is so popular with bloggers and web publishers, especially those who aren’t that tech-savvy or are new to the industry—it’s really easy to use. That’s right, you can get started with WordPress and start producing the results you really want without much tech or internet knowledge at all. There are thousands of users across the planet who have built guides and other knowledge-bases so that you can produce the results you want without hours of training or tech support.


WordPress has tons of compatibility features. Not only is it compatible with all sorts of browsers including mobile, but it’s also compatible with loads of different features and functions. There are tons of options with WordPress, and it can be customized as much as you want.

Millions of add-ons and plugins

One of the great things about WordPress is the sheer number of plugins and add-ons you can use. You can pay for some of the high-end ones, but many of them are also free and have been contributed by the platform’s vast open source community. You can get plug-ins like Yoast to help with SEO, along with all sorts of other things to help your business grow and succeed.

Countless themes

As well as plugins, there are also loads of themes. These can make your site look completely different and unique, and many visitors might not even know they’re on a WordPress page.

More support

Because WordPress makes use of a massive open-source community, it’s easy to get answers to questions so you can fix problems or improve your knowledge.


If you aren’t using WordPress to publish your sites, you should be. It’s still the best blogging platform in 2019, and that looks set to continue for a long time yet.