Why Would We Create a Commercial About Pets?


You may have seen our commercial starring Beep on your television or computer screen. In the commercial we talk about our Brilliant PetLovers plan, something that we talk about pretty often. If you’ve seen the commercials of other electricity providers, you may have noticed that they are usually more generic. Aside from our awesome animated characters, there are several reasons why our message looks a little different.

First of all, we know that we’re electricity nerds, but we also know that not everyone is. You already have to suffer through commercials before the next segment of your show comes back, and we certainly don’t want you to miss it because you fell asleep watching our commercial. We would rather entertain you with an adorable happy dog chowing down in front of his newly-filled food bowl.

Secondly, we don’t think that talking about how great our company is will do it justice. As is true to our customer-centric nature, we would rather have a conversation with you about our services. We want to make you feel great about signing up with us, and we think that’s best done through interacting with our amazing customer care team.

Lastly, we don’t think we need to remind you of your need for electricity. Even if you somehow forgot this part of your life, there are lots of other companies out there reminding you. The thing we do want to talk about is the needs of shelter animals in our community. We are incredibly passionate about our four-legged pals and we have been trying (and succeeding) to help them more and more for several years. We want to spread the word that you can not only have this wonderful thing called electricity, but help animals in our community too. And we don’t think that’s boring at all!


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