Why You No Longer Need To Pay Excessive Fees To Market Your Business


Most company managers will tell you that marketing is their highest cost, aside from wages. But does that make sense? Why would companies pay out so much money just to advertise their products to customers? Wouldn’t it make more sense if that money went into R&D? 


Competition can be a good thing, but it can also have unforeseen consequences on your bottom line. It helps push the industry forward, but it also means that everyone is bidding for the same online advertising real estate. And that pushes the price up. 


A range of firms, however, are now investigating alternatives. Is the current approach with PPC agencies and SEO the best? Or can you save money through smart tactics? 


We believe you can. And here’s how to do it. 


You Can Push Your Products Out To Influencers


Your company doesn’t have to create an audience all by itself. Instead, it can piggyback on those of other people, often for a far lower cost than direct marketing


Influencers, therefore, should be your first port of call. These social media personalities have captive audiences, and they’re always looking to work with exciting companies. One of the things that they love the most is free giveaways because it gives them something to talk about, and it doesn’t cost them any money. Plus, they don’t have to do any marketing either. They offer their listeners the chance to get something for free.


In this situation, everyone wins. The influencers gain because they’re able to engage better with their audience. And you win because handing out free products to get publicity is usually a heck of a lot cheaper than going down traditional paid advertising routes. 


You Don’t Have To Pay Expensive Agencies For Branding Materials


Marketing and design agencies were once essential for branding your business. The tools just didn’t exist to enable the layperson to do it themselves. Now, though, many entrepreneurs use a cheaper alternative to larger graphic design/logo design agencies, such as Logoglo.com.


These sites are essentially just wizards that you can use to create custom marketing materials. But what’s interesting is how much the interface has improved. We’re now at the point where even the least technically-skilled business founder can create something that looks compelling. 


You Can Use Podcasts To Reach Your Audience


Podcasts are one of the most potent ways to reach out to people in a meaningful way. And by “meaningful,” we’re referring to something quite specific. A connection with a customer should be more than an impression on a social media site. Introducing them to your brand creates familiarity, but it does little more than that. You’re familiar with your toilet seat, but you don’t think about it much outside of the bathroom. 


Podcasts, give your audience something to get their teeth into. On top of that, it helps to generate a deep connection with them. They find out what makes you tick, why your products are the best, and why they should trust you over anyone else. It’s a critical tactic you should deploy according to www.entrepreneur.com.