Why You Really Should Let Your Employees Work from Home



When the coronavirus pandemic hit, many businesses were forced to allow their employees to work from home, and despite their many reservations, most of them have found that they can operate their companies just as well with remote employees as they ever did in the office. In fact, some businesses are even reporting better results in terms of productivity and staff happiness levels than before.


If you’re a business owner and you’re wondering whether you should offer more remote working or you’re still skeptical about the benefits of doing so, check out these really compelling reasons why you should let your employees work from home:


It’s good for morale


Generally speaking, allowing employees to forgo the commute, have more time to themselves each day, and work a bit more on their own terms is great for morale. Few people like the time or expense of the average commute, so letting your employees work from home could really benefit them in this way.


It’s great for productivity


Despite what you may think, allowing employees to work from home more often can do wonders for business productivity. In fact, one study conducted by Stanford University found that productivity will, on average, be 13 percent higher when workers stay at home than it would be when they’re in the office. 


It’s often cheaper


When more of your employees work from home more often, you don’t need to rent quite as large an office space, nor do you need to spend quite as much money on utilities for that space. Of course, in order to make this possible, you may have to call the electricians at https://roselectricllc.com/ to improve your business’ data and telecommunication infrastructure and you may need to download a few new pieces of software to allow easier collaboration between home teams, but even taking that into account, chances are it will be cheaper.


You can work from anywhere


You may think that your employees get all of the benefit that comes with being allowed to work from home, but think about it; if they can work from home, then so can you, at least some of the time, Heck, you could even manage them from the comfort of a beautiful tropical beach if you wanted to, and that will do wonders for your executive burnout.


You can hire the best people


When your business is able to operate online, you aren’t hampered by location, which means you can recruit anyone from anywhere in the world. This opens up the recruiting process and allows you to track down the absolute best people for the job instead of just the best people in the area.


It’s never been easier


Thanks to apps like Zoom., Slack, and Asana, it has never been easier to manage your business from any location on the planet. So, there really is no reason not to embrace the latest technology and make the most of it.


Working from home is likely to be the future, so why not embrace it fully now and get ahead of the future?