Why You Should Invest in Industrial Tugger Carts


Today, most manufacturing companies are gearing towards the philosophy of lean manufacturing. This means creating an eco-friendly environment that produces quality products while using less energy and reducing waste pollution. With many industries adopting this philosophy, various ways have been devised to boost production efficiency. Tugger carts are among some of the most promising equipment ever invented. Here are the benefits of using tugger carts in your industry.

Enhances safety

Use of tuggers helps to boost plant safety because they have no obstruction to the frontal view. This is because the operator usually sits on the front while the load is towed behind. This is unlike lift trucks or forklifts where the load is carried in front, obstructing the frontal view of the operator. An unrestricted frontal view while driving in a congested, busy facility will boost operation safety in the plant.

Boosts delivery capacity

Before the invention of tugger carts, factories used forklifts to transfer heavy loads from one assembly line to another. However, forklifts can only carry a restricted number of containers. This means that the operator has to make several trips for them to complete the delivery. With tugger carts, several carts can linked together forming a train that is towed using the tugger. This means that you can finish delivering several containers with one trip.

Reduces floor congestion

Tugger carts can help to eliminate floor congestion because they make it easier to load and unload containers. Some tuggers are automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that allow plant operators to set the pre-determined routes that they should take. This ensures that they can configure their movement around the plant without taking up lots of space or disturbing other ongoing operations.

Easy to operate

Tugger carts can easily be operated by most plant personnel because they do not require any sophisticated driving skills. For instance, manually operated industrial cart tuggers feature a simple control panel that is easy to understand. This means that operators just require basic training for them to run them efficiently.

Reduces waiting time

Tugger carts are crucial in reducing production time. These carts are known to finish the same job in almost half the time that forklifts will use. The reduced delivery time results from the well-designed routes and the detachable nature of the tugger carts. The process of detaching loaded cart and attaching an empty one takes less than one minute, eliminating the wait time in production.

Reduces energy consumption

Tugger carts usually deliver several containers in one trip. This means that they utilize less energy when compared to forklifts that must go for several trips to finish the same delivery. Reduced energy consumption translates to less waste emission. Furthermore, the manpower needed for every delivery is reduced. With tugger carts, one individual can effectively do the loading and delivery. This is unlike forklifts that need one person driving the vehicle, another one unloading the cargo and another individual loading a new container.

Tugger trains are increasingly becoming popular in manufacturing plants because of their numerous advantages over customary forklifts. This is because they can deliver items from one location to another efficiently and in half the time used by forklifts. However, it is crucial to purchase tugger carts from renowned brands to guarantee durability and efficiency.