Why You Should Localize Your Target Demographics During A Crisis


A worldwide crisis is going to have an impact on your company. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do because every entrepreneur on the planet is feeling the pinch right now. You would if an economic downturn greater than both the Wall Street and Housing crashes was about to hit.


You must kickstart your business after COVID-19 because there is only so long you can survive for before creditors begin asking for their money. There are many options, yet the best is to localize your marketing.


You’ve probably heard about it before and not give it much thought. These are the reasons it should be at the forefront of your mind right now.


Customers Are Shopping Locally


Some of the reasons why are self-evident – with less freedom to travel, shoppers have to head to the places closest to their homes. However, there is also a community spirit to add to the mix. People in a crisis want to help as much as they can, and using local companies to ensure they stay open is one such tactic. For these reasons, and more, 30% of consumers say they have used local retailers since the beginning of the pandemic. Localizing your content makes it more likely they’ll frequent your establishment.


And They Plan To Continue


This isn’t the sort of thing that comes and goes. The after-effects of the Coronavirus are going to stick around for a while, so customers choosing local businesses over non-local isn’t going anywhere. It’s estimated that 80% of shoppers will continue with their localized shopping habits; however, this doesn’t mean loyalty is guaranteed, as 75% of US consumers have shown a new shopping behavior in response to economic pressures. To hire a local SEO services expert could be the difference between cementing your current market share and expanding on it. Alternatively, if you fail to localize, you could lose out to your rivals.


You’re Not Focused On Retaining Consumers


It’s easy to talk a good game, but to walk the walk is a different beast entirely. This is epitomized by the fact that only 6% of small businesses are concentrating on keeping their existing customers. You could be the anomaly that proves the rule, but you might be part of the 94% that are hemorrhaging shoppers, too. With such erratic behaviors, it’s more vital than ever that you don’t only emphasize the importance of new, shiny customers. Localization strategies will ensure you include everyone in the target area.


People Are Online More


An increase in boredom means that people are turning to the internet to help them through the day. Although the US public doesn’t exclusively shop when they’re online, they do spend a lot of time browsing marketing content. For that reason, you’ve got to take advantage of the monotony and extra free time and try and raise brand awareness. Seen as consumers are shopping locally, it makes sense to localize your advertising and appeal to a wide audience.


How have you handled your marketing responsibilities during this crisis?