Why You Should Make a Career In Animations



Animations is a growing career with more and more people the bandwagon and becoming animators. Not just this, animation studios are increasing by the number as well with new names such as Spiel Creative fast creating a niche in the industry.


While stats say that animation is a growing field, the question is if one should actually choose it as a career or not.


In one word, the answer is a big ‘yes’. Animations is the future. Technology has advanced to a level where videos, infographics, banners, CGI is taking over and we are slowly moving from traditional to the new.

The best motivation a person can get into the field is to look out for the success of animation movies. We have movies like Frozen, The Lion King and Toy Story. These movies did not only create new box office records, but also brought animators to the forefront proving that animation has tonnes of potential.


Here are a few reasons why you should make a career in animations:


A Huge Scope

The demand for animations has generated many jobs in the industry. It is a misconception to think that animation has its place in the entertainment industry only, because now animations is widely recognised and used in the non-entertainment sector as well.

There are many departments where animations is currently being used and spreading its charm such as the medicine industry, TV Industry, movies, law, digital communication, E-learning, Gaming etc.

The future of animations is huge and with the rapid growing demand of animators, it is one of the best careers to choose.


Animations Is The Future

When we talk about animations, gaming industry automatically comes to the mind. The gaming industry strives on high-detailed animations designing which is produced by the joint effort of multiple animators.

It is predicted that by 2019, the gaming industry will cross 46 billion mark. When Gaming is not the only field that is booming when it comes to animations, there are several others too, such as the advertisement industry.

We can see how the advertising industry has changed completely and no, advertisements are being produced with the help of animations. All the more reason to opt for animations as a career!


Money Making Career

We often dream to purchase a luxurious house and a car to lead a comforting life and for that we choose a career that will help us make it come true. Animations is a career that lets you earn as much as $70k annually which is more than enough to build a dream life for not only yourself but for the entire family.

And if you are able to score a job with a big studio, you can make double the amonut.


Be A Part Of Something Big

When you choose animations as a career, you can have the opportunity to work and display your skills on a global scale. There are many animated movies and animes produced per year and they become a success because of the parts played by animators in designing them to perfection.

You can also make a name for yourself and be a part of big animated movies and become a pioneer in the animation industry.