Why You Should Pursue an IT Certification in 2022


If you are interested in a career transition or advancement in the tech space, 2022 just might be the year to make this leap. Recent data from the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) shows that, in spite of economic setbacks from COVID-19, employment rates in the U.S. tech sector are projected to grow twice as fast as other industries.


Not to mention, the global tech industry is on track to exceed $5.3 trillion by the end of this year. Information technology (IT) accounts for 20 percent of this forecasted success, with increasing access to explore creative IT solutions and innovations in the post-pandemic business world, CompTIA continues. In other words, this could be the opportune time you have been waiting for to land a job in IT or take your current role to the next level.


But in order to maximize your chances to succeed in this career path, it’s a smart idea to obtain an IT certification before you start putting out feelers on the job market. Investing in your own professional skills and boosting the credentials on your resumé will make a tremendous impact when it comes time to seek out a new position or promotion. So on that note, here are just a few compelling reasons to become IT certified in 2022.


An IT Certification Sets You Apart as a Marketable Job Candidate.


Finding a job in the IT sector (and in the tech industry as a whole) can lead to stiff competition. There is no shortage of applicants out there, so it’s important to stand out from the pack as a proficient, marketable candidate who exceeds the bare minimum qualifications. Being able to show recruiters and employers that you have an IT certification will send a message that you can do more than just perform a role—you are also willing to take initiative beyond the basic requirements, as well as challenge yourself to learn and upskill. The average employer wants to see these traits in a potential new hire.


An IT Certification Helps Establish You as a Subject Matter Expert.


The automatic boost in knowledge and credibility that comes from earning an IT certification makes you an undeniable subject matter expert in the field. Not only does this mean your job performance metrics will increase, but chances are, you will also be trusted with more exciting opportunities. For instance, you might be chosen as the team leader on a certain project or as the main point of contact for a high-profile client. This, in turn, will command the respect of colleagues, supervisors, and customers—the more you commit to professional development, the more seriously others will take you.


An IT Certification Can Present You with Networking Opportunities.


Once you finish an IT certification program, you will join the ranks of other successful, certified professionals and business leaders in the tech sphere, who could become integral parts of your network. This common ground is the perfect foundation on which to establish connections and secure relationships with those who can play an advantageous role in your future career growth. Not to mention, having a peer network of other IT professionals in your corner is such a valuable resource when you want a few different perspectives to bounce ideas off, seek guidance from, or just nerd out on technical subjects with.


An IT Certification Will Present You with Leverage for a Promotion.


Finally, think of an IT certification as the ace in your hand to be able to negotiate for a salary raise or promotion at some point down the line. Of course, it will take time to gain a foothold in the industry and achieve a successful track-record that warrants a promotion, but once you do this, an IT certification is just the leverage you will need to clinch the negotiation. When you are able to present an employer with concrete evidence that you have the competence, ambition, skillset, motivation, and commitment worth investing in, they will be much more inclined to help you climb that next rung on the job ladder.


Pursue an IT Certification to Boost Your Own Career Success in 2022.


If you want to elevate your career growth in the IT sector—both this year and well into the future—then obtaining an IT certification is an excellent place to start. This will ensure you have the necessary leverage to seek out in-demand jobs with competitive salaries and potential for advancement. If you are not sure where to begin in this process, check out some of the best IT certifications available to narrow your search and make an informed decision. Now is the time to invest in yourself and the professional goals you want to achieve.