Why Your Business Website Needs To Have Videos


If you want to complement your business successfully you need to have a professional website. Over 90% of consumers start their search for products and services online. If you aren’t taking advantage of the power of the web you are missing out on a ton of possible sales and revenue.

Not only does a website help you to connect with online consumers, but it gives you the perfect platform to help inform users about your company. When you add videos to your business webpage you can increase the impact that your message has on your viewers. Video has more of a visual impact on users than the written text. This is not to say that your website shouldn’t contain high quality text-based content, but adding a video element can help you in many other ways.

Starting a business can be expensive, and specialized web design can add to your costs. If you are self-financing your company you may need to get a title loan on a financed car to help you foot the bills. The good news is, no matter where the money is coming from, you can rely on video postings on your site to make a real impact on consumers that will be reflected in your sales.

Consumer Demand

Online users have a notoriously short attention span. When surfing, users want to get the most information in the shortest time possible. This is where a video can help you span the gap between a user reading a lengthy product description or seeing a live demonstration of what you have to offer. Over 2 billion YouTube videos are watched by buyers every month. If you aren’t posting to the platform regularly, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to get the word out about your service or product.

Boost Your SEO

Content keywords are everything when it comes to your search engine rankings. Many search engines are now including video clips in their search results for users to see. When you post a video to your webpage and use important keywords in the description, you are automatically setting your site up to be recognized by the search engines. Users also tend to stay on a site longer when they are watching a video, which can help to boost your SEO ratings which in turn lets you show up in more searches.

User Experience

It’s all about the experience. When you are designing your website, it needs to be an easy and entertaining experience for users that visit. When a site lacks a professional appearance or valuable information, users often leave without getting what they want. By posting informative videos that highlight your product features or take them through a specific tutorial, users are more likely to become engaged.


Businesses need to keep up with the technology of the times if they want to stay relevant. Take advantage of the many online tutorials that can help you make quality videos that will help bring consumers to your site.