Why Your Employees Need a Standing Desk


As remote working becomes more and more popular due to the ongoing pandemic, it can be a concern that much of the workforce is spending their time sitting down at home or even in the office. With prolonged periods of sitting down at a desk linked to many health concerns, providing your employees with the tools to stay healthy during work hours can be something that is beneficial to them and you as their employer. 


Why should you care about your employee’s health?


In a nutshell, healthy employees take less time off work due to sickness meaning you benefit from fewer days covering sickness and time off. 


A great way to help your employees stay healthy is to invest in standing desks. Standing desks allow the users to remain upright during their working day and encourage movement when at their desk. 


There are a few different styles of standing desks and getting the right one can prove to be effective when it comes to helping your employees stay healthy and moving to reduce issues such as back and neck pain, muscle pain from extended sitting positions and a reduction in obesity due to the extra calories burned when using a standing desk over sitting down in a chair all day.


If you want to find out how a standing desk can benefit your team check out this infographic below which is filled with handy tips on making sure you choose the correct standing desk for your employees and how to use them correctly.


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