Woocommerce SEO for Online Stores



Increasingly businesses are selling their products and services online. While there are many softwares for online stores, most of them are complex to install and manage. WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world, and the woocommerce plugin developed for wordpress will easily convert the blog into an online store. The number of sales from the woocommerce store will depend to a large extent on the ranking in search engines. Hence many store owners are interested in finding a suitable agency for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) of the online store to improve the search ranking.



A competent agency offering woocommerce SEO services will first do a preliminary assessment of the existing woocommerce store to find out the major deficiencies. This will help in formulating the right strategy for SEO, increasing the number of visitors. Based on the products or services which are being sold, the agency will also do research to find out the relevant keywords, especially the high traffic keywords to increase the number of visitors and sales for the website.

The agency will first focus on improving the ranking for these keywords which are used more often by internet users searching for products which the business sells.


Competitor analysis

The next step in woocommerce SEO is doing competitor analysis, checking the ranking and websites of competitors selling similar products/services. It is always advisable to check the SEO strategy adopted by competitors whose websites are ranked better than the clients websites. In addition to website design and content, the online marketing and promotion strategy should also be checked. Another way to improve rankings of the online store, is by increasing the reviews of the woocommerce store, trying to get additional positive reviews on social media, popular review websites.


On-page SEO

One of the most effective methods of increasing online sales, is doing on page SEO, reviewing each page of the online store. In addition to the page url, the page title, meta description should be optimized to include different variations of the search terms which prospective buyers use. The content of the product page should also be reviewed to add more information, important keywords, photos and videos if possible, since this will improve the search ranking. Reviews for each product will also help in improving the number of leads and orders generated. On-page SEO is usually more inexpensive compared to off-page SEO.


Off-page SEO

Though they officially claim that content is important, in reality, most search engines are ranking websites based on the number of back-links which they have. Hence off page SEO for a website usually mainly includes link building. The SEO agency will try to get back-links from multiple sources related to the products, services which are sold, to boost search ranking. Additionally the SEO agency will also monitor the latest trends in online shopping and try to incorporate them in the online store. Though it usually takes a few months for the search ranking of the online store to improve after the SEO work has started, it is usually the most cost effective online marketing method.