WordPress SEO Checklist To Improve Traffic By 571% Within Few Months


Some people might force you to believe that SEO is dead, which is not the truth in reality. Just because SEO has changed quite drastically over the couple of years does not mean that SEO is dead. It just means that the basic structure has changed for the betterment. Businesses, currently, have to take some of the unique and new approaches to SEO for the sake of winning SERP game, which is never ending to say the least.

Many of the blogs and bootstrap companies have created their entire business right from the beginning through proficient use of organic search. While this stage can prove to be a bit risky, it still forms as a sign that the organic search is well and alive. The same goes with Dental SEO as well. There are some EO based tips available, which can help in sky rocketing the current traffic you have and get to dominate the competition.

Focusing on the non-www and www domain:

If you are actually launching a site, the first question that pops up in your mind is whether you should go for www or not. Your choice will always affect the WP SEO in a separate way. But, that does not mean you should always go for the non-www option. There are reasons behind websites to use www even to this date.

  • Using www as major part of domain can be a standard task even to this day. Changing www after using it for such a long time can prove to be a complex task and might cause some issues. So, maximum brands are actually using www as the standard option, even to this day.
  • Another major reason for larger companies with lot of traffic to use www is mainly due to DNS. Named or the non-www domains will not have a CNAME record as used to redirect traffic for the failover. But, there are workarounds to cover such issues.
  • So, when the matter involves around www or non-www, it is all about personal preferences. There are times, when you might prefer shorter URLs, where you can head for the non-www.
  • It does not matter which one you choose, you can always setup redirects so that each one is easily accessible.
  • In case of Google Search Console, you can always set preferred domain to just appear in Google as www or non-www.
  • It is always recommended to set this option, if you are actually running a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO and it is not technically required as the plugin can add the canonical tags for letting Google know the right version to index.

Make sure to install WP SEP Plugin:

When it comes to SEO, WordPress is one good option to consider. But, it is always recommended that people get to install an SEO plugin whenever they are working with the WP site. It will allow you to have that complete control over optimizing what the Google gets to see from your chosen website.

  • In case of popularity, All in One SEO pack and Yoast SEO plugins will be the one to steal the show with end to end optimization capabilities.
  • It is always recommended to aim for the Yoast SEO plugin and lot of WP SEO checklist will have some examples using this current plugin.
  • The current Yoast SEO plugin will always allow you to create better content with some page and keyword analysis, which will generate XML sitemap automatically. It will enable breadcrumbs and then add schema and social markup, along with multitude of optimizations.
  • It comprises of over 1 million installs with impressive 5 out of 5 star rating. You can even try to download the free WP plugin from WP repository or just follow steps below to just install it within WP dashboard.
  • Under the present plugins section of WO dashboard, you need to click on “add new” option. Search for the Yoast SEO and then click on “Install Now.” Then you have to click on the “Activate” module and finally head towards SEO menu. In this menu, you can always access settings of plugin. You can end up digging more into the Yoast plugins options.

Always remember that the plugin does not get to work on SEO for you. It might just offer you with some recommendations to make some of the data driven optimizations.

Set some of the friendly permalinks:

By just default, WordPress will help in creating permalinks which are not quite clean. The default structure mainly gets inserted to create day and name into URL. Google will always like URLs, which comprises of title or keywords right in post, but the shorter URLs are always better. You can use the “Post name” permalink setting as it is both clean and can benefit you by using title or keywords in URL.

  • You get the chance to change post name: permalink structure. You can do that by clicking into “permalinks” under settings menu in WP dashboard.
  • Get to select the current “post name.” After that, you have to click on the “save changes.”
  • It is vital for you to note that changing permalinks structure after posts go live can easily render the previous links useless and people sharing such links on social networking channels will remain unable to direct traffic to site.
  • In case, you are trying to change the permalink structure on older site, remember to redirect previous URLs to new permalink by just editing .htaccess file or just leveraging one third party plugin like Change Permalink Helper.

It is always mandatory for you to check out some of the separate posts on WordPress Permalinks and get instant help as and when asked for.

Following these simple points won’t take up much of your time and can easily help you to improve the traffic by 571% within a span of few months. Just be sure to learn about the points and start following it in the same possible manner and everything will get to fall right into places. Choose anything that you care to like in here.