Yacht Ownership: What you Need to Know


If you thought that yacht ownership was the exclusive domain of the fabulously wealthy, think again, as many shrewd investors own a yacht for charter. A yacht is a serious investment and not one to be taken lightly, especially with the care and maintenance involved, yet if you can afford it, you can generate a decent income from putting the vessel up for charter.

Yacht Brokers

The yacht broker offers a range of services, including facilitating the sale of yachts, care and maintenance, and, of course, offering yachts for charter, crewed or bareboat. One such leading company can be found at https://www.isabellayachtsphuket.com/, where you can charter a wide range of top-quality yachts and catamarans, all at affordable prices. They would be more than happy to list your yacht for charter, which should generate a seasonal income to help with your running costs.

Yacht Care & Management

Your state-of-the-art vessel will require constant care and attention, especially when not in use, and the yacht broker would offer a full range of mooring, maintenance and repair services. Much like any other form of transport, a yacht has a service schedule and all work is recorded in meticulous detail. This information stays with the vessel as it passes from owner to owner, enabling any potential buyer to look at the life of the boat and how it has been treated. You could invest in a yacht and raise some business capital and have the vessel out for charter all year round, which would likely generate a profit.

Yacht Charter

This is where you make a seasonal income and the yacht charter firm would have access to your vessel during specific periods that are agreed beforehand. Yachts are not cheap to charter and if the charter company is well-established, they would have many clients looking for a 5-star floating holiday. Of course, the charter firm receives a commission for the charter and the rest is yours, which is a tidy sum for a two-week charter. You need to plan at the start of the year, working out exactly when you want to be out on your yacht, then the rest of the time it can be available for charter.

Purchasing a Yacht

The yacht broker is the person to contact when you are looking to buy a yacht or catamaran; once they know what you are looking for, they can show you suitable vessels and also arrange for private viewing and a test sail. Regarding prices, the best way to go is talk to many yacht brokers and do some online research into the type of vessel you are interested in, which will help you to make an informed decision. There’s nothing to stop you hiring a marine expert to inspect the vessel and for what is costs, you will be sure that the boat is in good order and is worth the asking price. Click here for some UK government information about boat ownership.

Be sure to crunch all the numbers to ensure you can afford the acquisition, while also factoring in care and maintenance, and once you have bought your yacht, you can your family can plan some stunning adventures around the world.