Your Quarantined Business Has No Time For Bad Tech


The current health pandemic changes everything for businesses. As most companies are forced to engage in remote work activities, many face new challenges to maintain their interactions with teams and customers. Digital technology is detrimental to the new remote situation. As teams and customers can’t interact in shops or offices, technology can help bridge the gap. Therefore, the worst thing that can happen to a quarantined business is to work with technology that can’t meet expectations. Whether you need to access your business network or to sort out a video call with a customer, ensuring you and your team are working with reliable and trustworthy I.T. solutions can be a game-changer! Ultimately, many quarantined businesses face tech issues that could be easily fixed with the right support and equipment. Here are the 5 most common tech complaints during the lockdown: 

Don’t let faults put you at risk

Are you storing your work project using a cloud solution? You need to ensure that your cloud storage is only accessible to trusted and authorized users. You wouldn’t want skilled hackers to access and steal sensitive data. Unfortunately, it is a frequent risk, especially for companies that have had to adjust rapidly to lockdown work conditions. If you haven’t arranged for I.T. support services yet, it’s not something you want to delay any further. You don’t want tech mishaps to affect everyday activities. Protecting your data and ensuring you and your team can connect to the business network easily and safely are some of the vital services performed by I.T. experts. 


Abandon the call centre queue 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a high source of stress for your customers. People need reassurance about your business processes and their orders. As deliveries and operations may not run as smoothly as usual, it’s important to address customers’ worries. But, as many online businesses record a peak in activities, it’s fair to say your team doesn’t have time to handle every single call. More to the point, customers that are put on hold or stuck in the call center queue are growing impatient. Rather than putting more pressure on your team, you should consider chatbot services that can answer queries 24/7. Not only can chatbots sort out issues in real time, but they also ensure you can keep track of all activities. 


Rely on collaborative tools to manage a big team 

Your workplace may not have needed any collaborative tools until now. However, now that the team works remotely, you need to invest in dedicated and professional tools that can do the hard work for you. Indeed, a solution such as Time Doctor, for instance, lets you keep track of tasks and organize them by duration, which makes it easier to organize your team schedules. Combined with Slack, which enables you to assign tasks and create a sharing platform, you can develop an effective project management solution that supports your remote workers. Many collaborative tools provide your business with an overview of the work in progress as well as your team interactions. When everyone works alone from home, it’s essential to use a solution that encourages teamwork across the distance. 


Phone calls don’t replace face-to-face meetings

While phone calls would have been a popular approach 10 years ago, the best approach to remote meetings is a video conferencing tool such as Zoom. Zoom is experiencing a boom in popularity, so it’s fair to say that your team might find themselves planning a Zoom meeting. Video chats offer a great alternative to phone calls. They can bring people together. But if you’re going to use a webcam to plan your next meeting, you need to be smart about designing a productive meeting. Learning to control the audio and to improve screen-sharing approaches can help to keep people engaged without draining their energy or motivation. 


Minimize your comm efforts 

How many emails do you answer every day? Businesses have recorded a sharp increase in email communication, from both customers and partners. Aside from creating a time pressure, these emails are also mentally and nervously draining. More often than not, an employee can answer the same queries several times a day. Using automated email solutions can save you both time and your sanity! While you can use it for marketing campaigns, you can also design a COVID-19 campaign that guides your customers through a series of business protocols and measures. 


Technology has always been part of business growth. However, the coronavirus crisis is giving technology a central role in everyday business processes and activities. From saving time by managing repetitive tasks to tackling potential data risks for new virtual teams, your tech solutions need to be up to speed with the remote challenges.