Your Quick Guide to Outsourcing


All businesses that are growing will need to hire out a workforce and do so on a continual basis. But for a growing business, hiring people internally can mean more costs, more office space, more insurance, utilities, and their wages. Outsourcing is something that is growing and growing in popularity as businesses start to see the value in it, as it can help the business, but keep unnecessary costs down. It can also enable you to keep your expenses down, but still have people doing the job that are experts in their field.


What Should You Outsource?

When you start to think about outsourcing, you need to think about and answer a few questions for yourself. To start off with, will outsourcing save you money and cut some costs? Will outsourcing save you some time, and will a freelancer be able to do a better job than you, or another member of your current team?


There are some tasks in business that have to be done. They are daily tasks that are small, but can become time-consuming, such as data entry, research, or website building and blogging. These are the kinds of jobs that can be outsourced because they need to be done, but they don’t need to be done by you or one of your existing team. Your time is better spent on meetings, sales, ideas, and marketing, in order to really grow the business. There may be some specific things to outsource, such as web design, accounting, or financial analysis that requires specific skills and qualifications. When you’re not qualified and experienced to do the job, then just hiring a freelancer to take on that task can be much more cost-effective. 


Specific Tasks

There are a number of other specific jobs to outsource. Again, these are all vital for your business, but don’t need to be done by you, or take up your time to do them. IT support is an example of this. Many small businesses simply can’t justify the costs of a full time IT specialist for the business. However, outsourcing your I.T. support services will help you to get the help and technical support that your business needs, but won’t come with additional costs that come when you have to employ an individual full-time.


Areas such as digital marketing are commonly outsourced. This is because it can take a lot of time, commitments, and expertise to run an online marketing campaign. Especially with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram becoming huge in the digital marketing world. Working with Web Marketing Companies could be invaluable to any business. 


Social media is another thing to outsource, as they can schedule posts and get content ready to just go out, without you having to do it yourself. Paying a freelancer to take over your social media for a couple of hours a week can be well worth the money, especially for an online-based business. Content creation, research, market research, customer service, human resources, accounting, and finance are all other aspects of the business that you could consider outsourcing. 


Next time you are looking at your business and what needs to be done, consider the benefit that outsourcing can bring. Yes, there are costs involved. But overall, if it saves you and those in charge of the business from doing them, then it will save time and ultimately help the business to grow.