Connecting with Our Community: Sharing Our Passion for Pets

Nugget visits our office

Most of us at Brilliant Energy are self-proclaimed pet lovers. Many of us have or want a pet and are passionate about adopting, and pets are always welcome in our office. When we decided it was time to contribute more to our community, it was an easy decision to create an electricity plan to help animals.

Animal overpopulation is a big problem in Houston, and even with the large number of local rescues and shelters, these organizations are often overwhelmed and over capacity. Their employees and volunteers work very hard to give these pets good homes and often foster a few themselves, but a shortage of funds is a major issue.

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Our Brilliant PetLovers electricity plan was created in December of 2014. This plan helps us make monthly donations to local shelters that help the pets in our community. So far, we have donated enough to feed over 1,500 animals for a week!* These funds go toward food, toys and other necessities as well as help with adoption and foster care.


Our goals for the Brilliant PetLovers plan is to give back to the community that has treated us so well and connect with other community members in a way that we are passionate about.

Toy drive for shelter pets

Visit our website if you would like to learn more about the Brilliant PetLovers plan and our Facebook page to learn about how we are involved with the pet community.

*Source: ASPCA




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