The Most Influential Dental Industry Marketing Trends for 2017


2017 is on its way! That means that a new year of dental technology is on its way. Those who keep up with the latest trends will be in the best position to flourish in the new year. While it’s impossible to predict every trend and innovation that the future holds, here are a few key marketing moves that will likely affect dental practices next year. Knowing about these will help give you an early leg up on the competition.


A Mobile-Focused Web Presence


Smartphones have slowly been taking over the online market, and 2017 promises to be another step toward that dominance. As the year wraps up, you should make sure to test your website on mobile devices, especially on an iPhone or Android phone. If your site loads poorly or isn’t formatted properly, it’s time to overhaul your web presence. Modern patients who are looking for a new dentist won’t take the time to wait for a poorly-constructed site to load up on their phones before moving on to somebody else. Additionally, modern search engine algorithms prioritize mobile friendly content, so making sure your site is compatible will increase the chances of new patients finding you.


Video-Focused Content Creation


Adding new content to your website, ranging from blogs to tutorials and more, is an essential part of making sure that people view information about your practice online. This content doesn’t have to be specific to your practice – you can provide general information about dental surgery or oral hygiene. In fact, adding some general content helps make your practice more desirable to people who would normally stick with a dentist they already know. In creating this content, never underestimate the value of videos. They are more likely to engage viewers and more likely to be shared with others. Dental-focused videos are unlikely to go viral, but they can be invaluable when it comes to dental marketing.


Easier Payment Options


Easy, convenient payment is a main point of interest for customers seeking a new dental office. Customers who need dental work done but who are facing financial difficulty or who simply need a little help in their credit planning will give preference to an office that can work with them when it comes to payment. Shoot for a financing option that caters to a wide range of people, even if they have poor credit or no credit. is a good option for this – not only does it offer financing to a large population of potential patients, but the branding is familiar to many and easy to add to your website.


Digital marketing never stands still, which means that your practice needs to keep up if you want to keep attracting new patients. Luckily, you don’t need to be a digital expert in order to stay ahead of the curve. Just follow the tips here when planning your strategy for 2017, and you’ll see that your practice can thrive well into the new year, no matter what else the year may bring.