13 Best Practices of Business Signage ideas

13 Best Practices of Business Signage ideas

Signages play a significant role in advertisement and the overall growth of a business. These are affordable and convenient modes of advertising your business, and they serve a very specific purpose. Your business signage must be quite effective and reflect your business value. A good business signage idea captures the attention of an onlooker. There are both indoor and outdoor signages. Business owners must be aware of a few important factors and questions that need to be taken into consideration before and during the design process. You need to make attractive, and high-impact signages that are readable and appealing to the eyes, and for that, you must adopt few essential practices of business signage ideas. Dimensional plastic letters are very popular when it comes to business signage following are some best practices for business signage. 

  1. Replace old and Worn-out Signs.

Replacing your old and worn-out sign is the most important practice because it tells the customer that you not only care about the company but also them. Do this after every few months and you will see growth in your business. 

  1. Install New Signage at a New Place

Always install the signage at a brand-new substrate. This is essential because the old signage might become visible from underneath after some time. This way, your business will not look cheap when you advertise.

  1. Use Correct Materials and Methods.

If you love your company and value its reputation, then make sure to use quality material rather than the wrong one for signage. Go for effective measures and make signage’s life long.

  1. Replace the Damaged Signage.

Any sign that is not fixed properly, badly constructed, or is falling apart will affect your company’s reputation. Call experts to remove, replace or repair it.

  1. Do not Squash Logos or Fonts.

Squashing the logo just to fit the size will not always help. It will become illegible for far-off onlookers. The font will split, and your company will look cheap.

  1. Prefer not Using Wind-holes

Putting a wind-hole on large banners will not help every time. They can be affected readability and get ripped when exposed to high winds. Use heavy-duty banner material instead. 

  1. Point-Of-Sale

Showing point-of-sale is a marketing strategy. These should be simple and clear. They will promote your products, services, and the whole brand. 

  1. Display Your Business Information.

A simple, large, and clear OPEN/CLOSED door sign will help your customers to know about the business’s operating details. Your customers will not get frustrated.

  1. Invest in Illumination.

Illuminating your signage will help you advertise the company 24/7 to all the passing traffic. This can promote your business with little effort.

  1. Select a Strong Signage Design

A strong signage design will have balanced and proper color use, contrast, location, location, and lighting. This will make it easier for people to understand your signage.

  1. Keep it Visible and Legible 

If you keep your signage visible to the audience all the time, this will promote your business the whole day. Choose reasonable size and shape according to the targeted distance visibility.

  1. Avoid Clutter

Make sure that your sign is not crowded with too many words, lines, or text. This will bore the audience, and make it difficult for them to read from distance. Clarity is the key.

  1. Use Better Type and Fonts

Use crispy, clean, and easy-to-understand fonts because they will enhance the legibility of your signage. You can use bold or extended styles at your convenience. 


Following the suggested best practices above will help you make your signages effective. This will promote your business and create a positive image of your business.