3 Common Issues New Businesses Face (And How to Avoid Them)


Running a small business is hard work. Unfortunately, not every business owner knows all the ins and outs of running one. This can lead to a lot of mistakes that you can avoid.

With the failure rate of small businesses being 20 percent, you need to do everything you can avoid these mistakes.

If you’re concerned about making mistakes with your new business, this post can help. Below are three common issues for new businesses that you can watch out for.

1. Lack of Cash Flow

Cash flow is the driving force for any business. If you don’t manage it properly, then you aren’t going to be able to grow and can have problems paying your team. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have problems getting it under control.

Make sure you are always monitoring the cash your business has coming in. Keep track of all expenses, outstanding invoices, and potential problems that can happen in the future. Have a plan ready for each of these situations.

If you expect that you may have temporary cash flow issues, look into financing to keep your business from running out of money. There are options available for every situation you can think of. If you prepare your funding beforehand, you won’t be stuck waiting on the approval process.

2. Not Understanding Your Customers

It’s hard to create marketing materials to promote your business if you don’t understand who your customers are. Many companies create general advertisements that are geared to target the broadest audience possible. This is a mistake.

You need to research to figure out who is most likely to buy your products and services. With this information, you can create more personalized marketing materials to appeal to these people. You can still target other markets, but you’ll need to create personalized campaigns for them as well.

3. Not Delegating

As a business owner, you likely have a specific skill set that you’re the best at. The problem is when you try to do everything in your business.

Your employees are there to help you do the things that you aren’t an expert at doing. You need to learn how to give up control of tasks so they can do their jobs.

If you do have tasks that your team isn’t qualified to do or that isn’t worth their time, consider outsourcing some of the work. You can use a virtual assistant to perform simple tasks.

Doing this will help you free up time for yourself. You can use this time to work on the things you’re good at.

Make Sure You Learn All the Common Issues for New Businesses

You still have a lot to learn about running a small business. Make sure you keep watch for more of the common issues for new businesses. The more you’re aware of problems before they happen, the easier it will be for you to fix them.

If you want to learn more about running your small business, head back to our blog. Our recent posts can help you learn what you need to know.