3 Reasons Fast Growing Companies Should Invest in Managed Cybersecurity Services


Nowadays, everyone wants to launch a startup from the ground and manage it themselves on a one-man mission, but there’s still something to be said for hiring the right people for the job, especially when it comes to managing your company’s online security. It’s easy to assume that anybody can download an antivirus suite and instantly be in a position to call themselves an IT security expert, but the battle against hackers and malware is usually much more complicated. With that said, here are three reasons why every burgeoning SME should consider outsourcing cybersecurity protection to a fully managed service.

1.     Eliminating the Hassle and Learning Curve

Even if you could successfully manage your company’s IT security needs independently, you can be certain that there is going to be some research involved and you’ll be spending a lot of time learning cybersecurity when you could be doing other things that are more profitable with your time. By delegating those tasks to cybersecurity service providers like the specialists at RSI, you can completely skip and avoid all the headache and hassle while gaining the assistance of trained professionals. Not only will you be keeping yourself from falling victim to information overload, you can also rest assured that you’ll no longer have to stress about the safety of your network and files.

2.     Ensuring the Highest Level of Security

Managed security services aren’t just easier, they’re also more effective than independent or in-house IT management methods. When you’re paying a premium for security management you can be sure that there’s always a team working to keep your data centers, files, transactions, and websites safe around the clock. You also have that knowledge and expertise at your disposal because you can call and ask for info or advice from tech support to gain insight into how your company’s security is currently operating.

3.     Preventing Potentially Catastrophic Consequences

Attempting to maintain your company security independently can be a tough route to take, especially if you wind up having to assume the blame for a hacking attack or malware event caused by lack of experience on your behalf. With a managed service, you don’t have to worry about knowing everything and being everywhere on the security side because you’ll have a proficient team dedicated to doing that for you at all times. Some companies have lost huge chunks of their customer base and revenue streams due to data breaches and other security-related problems, so investing in managed services to ensure the continuity of your brand is definitely worthwhile.

Security is Always a High Priority

Even if your company has not yet started to boom on a level where it might be considered a prime target for hackers, taking care of security early on will put you in a better position once that desired growth does start to come into fruition. Any business that conducts transactions or transfers information online should base their operations around solid protocols designed with the utmost security and redundancy in mind.