3 Reasons to See a Doctor Online



Many people are embarrassed to discuss intimate problems face to face, even with a doctor. It is one of the reasons for the popularity of online consultations. In the sections of obstetrics and gynecology, urology, as well as infectious diseases, most of the questions are asked. Another reason for consulting a virtual doctor is the desire to learn more opinions and generalize information.

Nowadays it is quite simpleto do this. For example, using the online service you can consult Whitby family doctors. They can help you in any case.

Online services allow you to get a remote consultation of different qualified specialists such as a radiologist. You just send him the results of your examination (X-ray, CT, MRI, and so on). As a result of the consultation, the patient receives a medical report within 24 hours describing the pictures presented.

The online services provide an officially documented second opinion, compiled according to the most modern standards and intended to be used by the attending physician.

Therearesomeservicesthatprovide not only online consultations with doctors. They also have a system for the safe storage and management of medical data. Patients-users of such systems can store all information about their health in one place and have access to them at any convenient time through an account on the site. The services also provide a mobile application that can be connected to medical devices (a tonometer, a glucometer, scales, etc.).

Thus, your daily health parameters can automatically be recorded in the service, and you can expand them for the doctor. You can send a request to any doctor or medical institution registered on the site. Usually the time for receiving feedback does not exceed 24 hours

New online services offer the possibility of online chat with professional doctors. There is a chief physician, a family doctor, who appoints an online consultation with a specialist (depending on the problem – urologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, psychologist, etc.) if necessary.

Some online services provide only additional consultations, which will help you understand your problem better and consult an offline doctor in time. You can consult a doctor in one of three ways – by writing a message, by calling or via video chat.

What are the three reasons to see a doctor online?

  1. It is comfortable.

You can consult a doctor at any convenient time and without waiting in queues. You can learn the results of tests, get recommendationswithout leaving home. And most importantly, your medical card is always available in your personal account

  1. It does not take much time.

The doctor on duty will quickly contact you. You do not need to waste time to get the medical institution.

  1. It’s a significant saving of your money.

The main thing is your confidence and calmness.You will get answers to all your questions.

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