3 Reasons Why Business Owners Need Distractions (and Holidays)


Being a business owner is more than a full-time job. Often times, your mind is thinking about the business even when you’re at home with the family. I know several business owners who often dream about their businesses and the issues they face on a daily basis. It is safe to say that strong commitment and determination are needed for someone to become a successful and capable business owner.

Despite the full-on nature of being a business owner, you still need distractions; managed distractions to be exact. Having that ability to take your mind off of work for a while is rewarding for three main reasons.

A New Perspective

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t seem to find a solution, no matter how hard you try? In most of these situations, the solution ended up appearing the moment you took a break. The change in perspective is the reason why it is much easier to find solutions to business issues after taking a couple of steps back.

A good way to enjoy this benefit is by having a hobby that you can turn to in an instant. Simple things like reading or watching a movie can help refresh the mind and grant you a new perspective on issues you’re trying to solve.

Work-Life Balance

A friend of mine, who is running four businesses of his own, decided to pursue an online masters in health administration from Maryville University. Healthcare has always been his passion and the online MHA degree will also help him become a better business owner.

The real reason for his decision to go back to school, however, is a work-life balance. Maintaining that balance between work and personal life is crucial. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for those who are used to fast-paced days to shut down and relax. Going back to school is the perfect solution in his situation.

You, too, can find ways to restore the balance between work and personal life. You can choose to spend more time with the kids or your partner, simply relax at home, or take short trips with the family.

A Bundle of Fresh Ideas

It is also crucial for business owners to take holidays. Ideally, you want to award yourself the same 21 vacation days your employees get every year. You also have the option to take more vacation days if needed.

Go somewhere relaxing and disconnect from your business completely. Don’t bring your laptop with you and try to limit your use of smartphones for work-related stuff. Just forget about business for a few days and enjoy the trip.

This is a good routine to get into in order to remain competitive. Fresh ideas and new approaches are easier to find after a vacation since you yourself are more relaxed and completely refreshed. Your business will still be there when you get back.

These are the top three reasons why distractions are good for business if you are a business owner. Try to weave the right kind of distractions into your days and you’ll perform better as a business owner in an instant.