3 Reasons Why You Should Organise Live Events As Part of Your Business


We live in the depths of the Internet age these days, and an ever-growing proportion of all business transactions now occur online.


In addition to the actual transactions themselves, it’s also the case that a huge proportion of marketing now occurs via digital channels, too, and in addition to all of that, there are currently at least a couple of generations of entrepreneurs who have made their fortunes largely – if not entirely – via the web, and frequently while working from home, too.


The upshot of all this is that it’s easy to see how people might find themselves undervaluing the importance of live events, as a part of any business.


Well, here are a few reasons why you should organise life events, after all.



  • There is now more scope for fascinating presentations and events than ever before


The recent explosive growth of digital technology, in general, hasn’t just opened up new markets and ways of working for entrepreneurs – it’s also radically transformed how much scope the average business might have for organising and running fascinating presentations and events.


These days, new holographic technology can be utilised in order to have famous speakers such as Tony Robbins “present” and interacting with the members of your event, remotely, in holographic form.


At the same time, it’s now easier than ever before to find impressive speakers for your events, ranging from Arctic explorers to former US Navy SEALs.


As if all that wasn’t enough, there is now just more scope than ever before, too, for running events of various types ranging from activity days, to film screenings, and conferences.


If you don’t take advantage of the opportunities on offer in order to arrange some live events, you are certainly short-changing yourself.


  • In-person interaction routinely proves more effective


A lot of effort goes into trying to figure out how to make a positive impression on people via various different marketing channels – and much of those marketing techniques do, in fact, prove effective.


Ultimately, though, in-personal interaction routinely proves more effective, as the simple human connection of being able to have a conversation with someone, look them in the eye, and shake their hand, naturally makes a substantial impression, whereas simply seeing a visual, or reading a blurb of text, can often be shrugged off and overlooked.


Live events allow you to make a direct impression on many people at once, and in so doing, can help to establish and deepen your reputation in general.



  • Live events offer a great chance to gain direct feedback


Feedback from customers, prospective customers, and members of the general public, can be invaluable for any business – but that kind of feedback often isn’t easy to gather or parse through if it’s collected entirely through remote channels.


Live events, on the other hand, offer a great chance to interact with many different people at once, and to gauge their reactions to different campaigns, products, and ideas you might want to try out.

In addition to all of that, it is much likely easier to get people to fill in questionnaires when they are at a live event, than when they are clicking through your website.