3 Ways To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Call Centre


Apple, Cadillac, JetBlue, Lexus, and Four Seasons are a short number of companies that provide excellent customer service. They have been identified, as well with many other companies, as being “customer service champions.” Whether the services you offer are Outbound or Inbound, having the ability to help your customers and clients generate more leads, have a better impact on life, or provide more thorough market research has undoubtedly become a staple among quality call centers.

It can be argued that professional call centres are directly responsible for increased conversions, and for a higher number of clients who are satisfied – and have no problem about doing more business with companies in the future. With your permission, I’d like to share several ways for optimising your call center services.

  1. The Client Comes First

“I don’t have the luxury of wasting time, because I expect something great from life.” – Les Brown

When Les Brown uttered these words, he strove to push people towards finding purpose and meaning for their lives. I am willing to bet that the people/customers who call your center believe they are on a meaningful path. That’s why your business must cater to those inherent beliefs. When your customer service team and call center services treat customers as if their time is far more important, those customers will have no qualms about immediately doing more business with you in the long term. The bottom line is: most people believe they are doing something positive with their lives; this belief makes them feel important. Help each customer feel more important. They will have nothing but positive things to say about your business. That, ultimately, is how you deliver measurable value on a tangible scale.

  1. Motivate Agents

A team that is energised is successful. Studies have shown that energetic people are inherently more persuasive, since energetic people are contagious. Energetic individuals who are 100% behind the ethics, mission statement and purpose of your company will be more invested in keeping the company alive. Therefore, less-energised team members may need a little professional “shove”. Individuals who float through the work day, barely scraping by the bare minimum for call center standards, are obviously working solely for their paycheque. Getting these people “behind” your company underlines the importance of keeping team spirits in full swing. A business with unstoppable momentum thrives. Plain as that. Not to mention that doing so further improves business KPIs.

  1. Enhance Their Humanity

As call centres are the heart of any business, agents within that business are vital. Agents who know how to successfully converse with people will not only benefit your clients, but will benefit your business as well. That’s why “How To Win Friends and Influence People” is recommended reading by many executives and CEOs in the business world.


You undoubtedly noticed a theme throughout: focusing on improving your team members’ lives and personal investment in your company. Trained agents who do not feel valuable will not hesitate to search for a business that showers their appreciation. This applies to regular consumers and business clients: as humans, we tend to leave behind that which makes us feel inferior. Keeping agents and team members full of vim, vinegar and happiness means you (or other managers) will perform less recruiting periods in the long run.