4 Awesome Business Ideas for Those with Limited Funds


Although the economy is said to be back on an even keel, many workers in the UK are still without a regular job and are thinking in terms of starting their own little business. There are actually a number of things you can do but many of them require a sizeable investment, which is something you don’t have at the moment. If you are searching for something you could do to make money without investing a ton, why not consider the following four awesome startups that you can start with limited funds.

1. Web Design and Content Marketing

So many businesses still don’t have their own websites yet and those that do aren’t really bring in the traffic as they should. If you are at all talented with content management systems like WordPress or Joomla and can work your way around Front Page (Microsoft) or Dream Weaver to build basic pages with very little code, why not set up a web design and content creation online business. You’d be surprised at just how many local businesses you could start with before venturing out to a global market.

2. Courier Service

If you have a desire to work out on the road, travelling around Great Britain rather than sitting in a stuffy office all day, have you considered starting up your own courier service? Of course, you’ll need to take and pass the driving licence test for the type of vehicle you’ll be driving, but that’s easier than you think. You can practice comprehensive mock theory tests you need to master on sites like Top Tests before taking the written exam and if you’ve gotten in enough practice hours behind the wheel of a van, for instance, that portion of the test should be no problem either.

3. Affiliate Marketer

If you have a website, why not join the millions of affiliate marketers around the globe? All you need to do is register with as many companies as possible so that when visitors to your site click through and buy something, you’ll get a commission. If you have a way with words and understand SEO, you can build tons of traffic to your site and then direct them to companies you are affiliated with once they get there. Some affiliate marketers make 5 and 6 figure incomes in their very first year!

4. App Developer

There is no doubt about it that apps are all the rage. From healthcare to banking to gaming, there is an app for anything and everything and many of them are found lacking. By taking time to analyse what’s out there and how those apps could be better or more user-friendly, you can use app builders, like AppInstitute and expand on ideas to make them your own. From remote controlled video cams throughout the home to apps that connect wearables to a healthcare provider, there are infinite possibilities and the right app could make you a fortune. You can write apps for hardware manufacturers or apps that you feel would fill a void in the current app market, but all the while making a name for yourself so that you will be in high demand as a developer.

Each of these startups requires an extremely small capital outlay and each can net you a tidy salary at the end of the day. From starting a pet care and dog walking service to developing apps for the IoT (Internet of Things) there is much you can do to start your own business and all with the potential to offer a very nice income going forward.