4 Remarkable Features That Increase Your Dealer Chat Success



Are you using an auto chat software that’s tailored to earn you more money? Too many auto chat solutions have a one-track mind: delivering leads. And while qualified lead generation remains the invaluable core of auto chat software, are plenty of new features available in some auto chat software solutions that maximize the potential value of any lead and broaden auto chat’s purpose beyond selling new cars.


#1 Credit Check Through Dealer Chat


Finance departments have long been more profitable for dealerships than selling new or used vehicles and the technology your dealership uses should reflect that. If you’re investing in auto chat software to improve lead generation and sales, shouldn’t it target areas where you make more money? As of September 2017, the auto chat software solution Gubagoo now has the power to handle credit pre-qualification. With a new feature that checks credit with the major national credit bureaus, potential customers can fill out their credit pre-qualification form via the auto chat, giving dealers access to rich data about their credit score. Credit checks and credit pre-qualification give dealers unprecedented access to information about potential leads.


#2 Auto Parts Search On Dealer Chat


Auto parts and repairs are another part of the business that tends to generate higher margins than actually selling cars, and auto chat software companies that understand the business like Gubagoo are responding. The auto chat software already integrates your vehicle inventory, but now chat operators can instantly look up the availability of parts at your service department. When customers are having car problems, they can’t wait to get a solution. That means you don’t have much time to reply to parts queries. Letting chat operators handle those queries means you deliver better customer service and retain more of your customers later on for parts and service.


#3 Facebook Marketplace-Dealer Chat Integration


Selling cars online is a dream that’s finally beginning to come true for car dealerships. They no longer have to sit idly by while third-party sites and non-traditional car sellers eat into their market share. Auto chat software companies will now make your inventory available on Facebook Marketplace, while their live chat operates on Facebook Messenger. Closer social media-integration is part of the latest auto chat software for your dealership to start selling more vehicles online.


#4 Live Streaming Video On Dealer Chat


Video has a higher conversion rate when it comes to lead nurturing. Video has a 35% higher web conversion rate and a 27% higher click-through rate than text, and over half of videos are watched on mobile. Live chat can incorporate live streaming with the dealership, allowing dealer employees to take web customers on a live tour of the dealership and show them some of the models in your showroom. Live streaming video through live chat brings customers closer to the showroom.


New technology features available in live chat can make a major difference on your bottom line. Buy auto dealer chat software that targets your top-performing revenue generators and brings you closer to your customers.