4 Ways a Small Business can Generate Quality Leads


Every business strives to generate leads; their importance to a company’s viability can’t be overstated. However, a small business –– or a newly formed company –– is under even greater scrutiny to generate quality leads from their marketing efforts. A small business can’t afford any wild goose chases that will cut into their budget and waste their time the way an already established corporation can. Rather, small businesses should prioritize making their brand more visible and establishing contact with serious leads. With that in mind, here are four ways that a small business can work smarter to generate quality leads in a cluttered marketplace:

Start a Dynamic Blog

There’s no better way to prove you’re an authority on a subject than by blogging about it. To be brief, blogging can do a whole host of good for your small business website. In addition to improving your presence online (and your SEO), maintaining a compelling blog will let people in your industry know you’re serious about your product or service.

Provide a Call-to-Action

A blog is a great way to start drawing in quality leads, but one way to take your site over the top is to place an eye-catching call-to-action within your posts. Let interested readers have the opportunity to engage with you by downloading an ebook or signing up for a free trial. Chances are, if they’re willing to take the trouble to sign up with you, they’ll be willing to do business with you in the future.

Track Your Leads

However you choose to do it (using analytics, metrics, call tracking software, etc.) make sure that you’re keeping tabs on where your leads are coming from. Knowing which ads, posts, or articles are driving content to your website is an essential piece of intel that can make the difference for your small business. With that knowledge, you can then bolster your campaigns that are working and shut down ads that are costing you precious capital.

Be Specific

We can’t stress this enough, specificity will bring in customers. Especially with small businesses, your leads may be searching for a particular item that isn’t widely available. For example: if your company manufactures lab equipment, don’t write in general terms about that equipment. Include information in your posts about the benefits of a 5 ml pipette tip, why certain beakers are more effective than others, and why your equipment is superior to your competitors. Don’t be afraid to fill a niche; every small business has to start somewhere. And the more precise your posts, ads, and content is, the more likely you’ll attract people who are serious about doing business with you.