5 Business Ideas for Full-Time Moms


Being a mom is quite a fulfilling job itself, but sometimes you need something more. It is possible that you have some free time on your hands while the kids are at school or you just feel like you need to feel productive. Moreover, you can also work to make some extra money for yourself or for saving purposes.

There are quite a few businesses you can do at home at home. All of these businesses do not require a constant work routine and are also not too hectic to tire you out from double work.

1. College Advisor

You do not need to be much trained for this business. All you have to do is to stay aware of the new policies of colleges around the country. Inform students and their parents of affordable options for a secure future along with finding them the scholarship opportunities. If you have a knack for writing, you can also offer your services to help the students with their college application essay.

2. Selling Gift Baskets

Making gift boxes is also one of those businesses that do not need a constant amount of time. For better expansion, make a website and sell your products there or distribute brochures of your business around the block. For your gift baskets, you can buy products online from cheap retail stores like AliExpress. You will need a credit card for ordering things online. An easy way to find the offers for credit cards is offers.creditcard.

3. Selling Home Made Food

If you are good at cooking, you can also start a cooking business. You need to prepare meals every day which you can sell to students or office-going individuals. Make contacts with offices near you or anyone in your neighborhood who has a full-time job. Alternately, you can also contact any hostels near your where students live and supply homemade, fresh food to them every day.

4. Wedding Planner

You need to have an eye for style for this business. Plan weddings for people around you or expand your business by making a website. Market your brand through internet, social media and physical means like pamphlets. Even if you are not formally trained for this job, you can still do it quite well if you always keep an eye out for the latest trends in the wedding industry. Also, stay updated with news of the latest celebrity wedding since this is where most people get inspiration from.

5. Freelancing / Blogging

The last one is quite popular. You can sign up on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr to find work. Also, look for freelancing jobs like writing on job boards. Alternately, you can also start your own blog if you are passionate about any topic or view. You can work on your own accord since there is no specific schedule for working in this business.

All of these businesses are quite convenient for a stay at home Moms since they do not require much formal training or excessive time.