5 Easy Steps: Convert PDF to PDF/A Using PDFBear


Converting PDF documents can be a difficult task for those that have a rigid converting tool. For a person to be more productive when it comes to PDF file conversion, one must use the most efficient and versatile converting tool that provides a variety of conversion options. 

As the internet age evolves, so do our needs. New file formats arise, and most of our important documents are starting to be preserved digitally. This way we can open or use our archived documents without going through all of the dusty papers in the attic.

PDFBear offers a converting feature that lets you preserve or archive your documents in 5 easy steps.

What can you do with PDFBear?

PDFBear has converting features that are timely and commonly used for office and academic purposes. It has a variety of files to convert to, whilst keeping the content or format quality of your original work.

The different features of PDFBear make it the perfect solution to your converting needs. Whether you need to convert your PDF files to word document, image, or PDF/A. That’s right, PDFBear is a PDF to PDFA converter. In just a matter of seconds, your PDF files can be converted to an archive file and be put away for a long time without compromising its reproducibility.

Safety First

PDFBear recognizes and puts importance on your file’s security. This converting tool not only uses strong SSL encryption when transferring and processing your files but also deletes converted or edited files in the server within 60 minutes to ensure the confidentiality and reliability of the platform. 

Along with this feature, PDFBear also has an all-platform-compatibility; this lets you view and use PDFBear the same as other platforms (i.e. Microsoft, Linux, Mac). This means that the same safety policy applies to every other platform that is mainly used today. No need to worry about your files, PDFBear has a “delete it and forget it” motto. 

5 Easy Steps to Convert to PDF/A

PDF/A is used to convert common PDF files into a file that can be preserved and can be saved for a very long time. PDF/A format is necessary to remove encryptions, audios, videos, external content references, and transparent objects and layers. This is to ensure the preservability and reproducibility of the file. 

Removing these are necessary to make the file preservable and at the same time reproducible– which is the main feature of PDF/A. 

Here are the 5 easy steps to convert your PDF file to PDFA:

  1. At the bottom of the home page, click on “Convert PDF to PDF/A”
  2. Select the file you want to convert 
  3. Once processed, set the conformance level of the PDF/A file by clicking on the drop-down arrow on the “Set PDF/A conformance level”
  4. You can check the “Allow Downgrade” box at the bottom, this way it will automatically downgrade your conformance level to a level that is necessary to be able to convert the PDF to PDF/A. (this is optional)
  5. Once done, click the “Convert To PDF/A Now” button at the bottom right. 

After the converting process, you can easily download the converted file to your computer, save it on your Dropbox, or send it through email. Say goodbye to a complicated converting process, PDFBear is here to make your job easier and simpler.

Editing Features to Look Out For

Most of us are tired of constantly dealing with PDF files that are difficult to edit. Mainly because the PDF file is an “image version” of a word document. That is why it is only second nature for PDF files to be edited in an as-is format.

PDFBear not only lets you easily edit PDF files, but it can also:

  • Merge
  • Split
  • Delete specific pages
  • Compress
  • Repair
  • Share document
  • Add watermark
  • eSign
  • Protect
  • Unlock
  • Number pages

With PDFBear, life could not get any easier. This converting platform made PDF file optimization and organization simple and hassle-free, just as a PDF editing platform should be. It is an all-in-one PDF converting platform with the most affordable price. Why spend too much money on a limited, conventional editing platform?

Quality Matters

A converting platform must preserve your original content and format to save your time and energy editing the converted version of your original file. That is why PDFBear values your content and preferences. 

This converting platform keeps the original format of your file and converts it to your desired file format. It avoids compromising your file format and automatically detects the best quality and chooses it for you. In this way, PDFBear keeps its reliability and efficiency.


There is nothing wrong with sticking with your trusted converting or editing platform. Of course, we are more comfortable using products or services that we have already tried out ourselves. 

However, as the modern age evolves, industries and platforms evolve along with it. Thus, new file formats surface because of the different needs the modern age demands from us as individuals, and as a corporate body as well.

This is why PDFBear accommodates converting and editing problems of institutions and even individuals to make these newly surfaced demands from the modern era easier to solve. With the 14-day free trial of PDFBear, it will give you a good grasp of how much you are missing out on. PDFBear lets you experience their awesome platform first to let you know that your money is not wasted on them. 

Additionally, PDFBear’s pro account is cheap but diverse. Get the most out of your money and try our PDFBear the next time you need to edit or convert your files. Try it out and let us know how it went!