5 Essential Things to Remember When Starting a New Venture


Starting a business is not an easy venture. If it were, everyone would do it. But running your own business will allow you to take joy in building something you love and find passion in, while also carving out a work-life balance that is right for you.

While a lot of businesses succeed, some do fail. But those who set out firm guidelines and stick to them will have a leg up on the competition. Here are 5 things to consider when starting a new business.

Set Out with a Strong Vision

Every business needs a vision and a mission statement. Not having those two things is like being a ship without a sail.

Your vision will help you during the building and design stages, and the mission statement will help you identify your best hires, land more clients, and will keep you on track as you grow and expand. Write out a brief, clear mission statement that identifies your company’s goals and how they will affect your staff and your clientele.

Don’t Be Afraid of Not Knowing

You won’t know everything when you set out. No one ever does. You need to know enough to get started, with a clear direction of where you intend to go, and then you need to take the plunge. What you don’t know you can learn as you go or consult the right experts to help. Speaking of which…

Seek Advice from Experts

The right experts can fill the gaps in your knowledge base. Sometimes it’s good to learn new skills, but other times it pays to bring in someone who already has them allowing you to focus your energy elsewhere.

Look for the right accountant: Hire a personal accountant to oversee your payroll, leasing, utility, and cleaning expenditures and make sure you’re staying on budget. They can help you devise a business plan and set spending and earning benchmarks, as well.

Look for the right lender: Be sure that whatever lending strategies you employ, you look for someone with transparent terms who will help instruct you on the details of your loan. If your credit is too low for a traditional line of credit, look for an alternative lender that will not only show you how to get a payday loan, but will also talk you through the terms and conditions as well as break down the rate structure.

Be Action-Oriented

Don’t get stuck in the info-gathering stage of your business. As soon as you have a working business plan and a mission statement you can follow, it’s time to lace up and get out there. You may not get it all right in the first go, but that’s why every business person needs to be ready to pivot.

If at first you don’t succeed, get ready to try again and again and again.

Entrepreneurship is a Marathon

Some entrepreneurs think success is going to come right away. This might happen, and you’ll be lucky if it does, but most businesses need to buckle down and prepare for a bit of a longer haul. You’ll want to set one year, 5-year, and 10-year benchmarks and be ready to stick with it long enough to reach them. In business, patience and perseverance pay off.