5 Health and Wellness Business Ideas to Take 2021 By Storm



The health and wellness sector has continued to grow in recent years and businesses in the sector are making record profits. In fact, the global wellness industry is worth around $4.5 trillion, which highlights just how lucrative a venture can be.

If you want to capitalize on the health and wellness craze that’s sweeping the nation, now is a great time to start. With these savvy ideas, you can launch a health and wellness industry that will take 2021 by storm:

  1. Virtual Wellness Coach

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, many health and wellness professionals have been forced to suspend their services. However, you can modify your services to accommodate social distancing and lockdown restrictions, rather than suspending trading altogether. By offering virtual wellness sessions, for example, you can help clients to achieve their health and wellness goals in a variety of different ways.

What’s more – operating virtually, rather than face-to-face, removes geographical barriers, lessens the need for travel, and reduces your business expenditure.

  1. Corporate Motivational Speaker

Companies routinely used third-party speakers and coaches to motivate their workforce. As many businesses switch to remote working, there will be an increased need for speakers who can successfully strengthen team bonds amongst a distributed workforce. By helping employees to connect more effectively with one another, you can enable businesses to unleash their potential and increase their profitability.

  1. Vitamin Brand

Millions of people take vitamins and supplements every day to help boost their immunity, increase their energy, and alleviate unwanted symptoms, like insomnia or anxiety. With existing demand for such products, launching your own vitamin brand could be an excellent way to enter the market.

If you’ve never worked in manufacturing before, there’s no need to worry. Launching a vitamin brand could be easier than you think. With a low softgel pill cost, third-party manufacturers, and branding experts on hand, you can access everything you need to get production underway. In fact, you could launch your own brand without buying or renting any costly equipment. Instead, you can work with existing manufacturers to create a bespoke product that customers love.

  1. Wellness App

If you’ve got a great idea for a health and wellness app, 2021 is the year to make your mark. Many people have committed to embracing new fitness regimes and wellness goals throughout lockdown, so the demand for tech resources is bigger than ever. Perhaps you want to focus on a particular type of fitness, such as cycling or running? Or maybe you want to help people achieve their overall fitness goals, such as losing weight or improving cardiovascular health?

If you’ve got the right experience, you may have the expertise to build your own app from scratch. If not, there are plenty of companies and freelancers who specialize in creating bespoke apps and branding them with your unique logos, typography, and company name. With relatively low-cost launch fees and the option to sell your app and/or offer in-app purchases, there are numerous ways you can monetize your product.

  1. Healthy Food Deliveries

Due to COVID-19, many people are worried about visiting busy locations, like grocery stores or shopping malls. This means the number of people using online shopping and delivery services has increased throughout 2020. However, many of the existing food delivery services focus on providing access to ‘treat meals’ or fast food.

By combining healthy food with convenience and online shopping, however, you could launch a successful business that caters to people from all demographics. From fresh produce and recipe boxes to ready-to-eat, restaurant-quality meals, there are plenty of variations to explore.

Remember – if you’re launching a delivery service in 2021, you don’t necessarily have to hire your own drivers or finance your own vehicles. Teaming up with an existing delivery company will give you access to third-party drivers and substantially reduce your outgoings.

Launching a Health and Wellness Business

As the health and wellness industry continues to boom, 2021 is set to be a great year for business owners in this sector. Providing your business model allows for flexibility in terms of social distancing, there is no reason why you can’t secure a place in the market and launch your own successful venture.

By learning more about the industry and gaining the credentials or licenses you need, you can get your business preparation underway today. With the right planning, you’ll be ready to launch your new business as 2021 dawns and benefit from the renewed focus on health and wellness in the New Year.