5 Helpful Tips To Upgrade Your Home-Office


The pandemic is still not ending just yet. To keep ourselves safe and away from the virus, a lot of us have opted to work from home instead of going to the office every day. It does not only protect us but others as well. 

This new lifestyle has caused a huge shift in our everyday lives. Now, one of our rooms at home has become our office. From having everything work-related in the office to have all the papers and boxes at home. It probably started to be a convenience, but it most likely has grown to be a cause of our stress, especially since we used to see our homes as a getaway from the pile of work we face in the office. And stress takes a massive toll on one’s productivity and health, and we don’t like that. 

You only need a little tidying, more organizing, and a significant upgrade to your home office, and you’ll be amazed by how simple changes in our space makes everything so much better. Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend much or do a lot of work. Just the basics, but we assure you it is going to be life-changing!

Organize Your Stuff

First things first, you have to put all of your work-related stuff in order. Sort them one by one, by classification, so you will know where to look for them when you need them. Of course, we will need to store them in one good place. We highly recommend that you own office storage cabinets in that way your files are organized and safe. One thing we do not want to happen is accidentally throwing out an important paper, right?

You will find tons of office storage cabinets in furniture shops or online. And it comes in all shapes and sizes. You will have a wide selection to choose from. Pick the one that would work the most functional for you and also the one that fits your taste and style best. 

If all these papers are in one place and “hidden,” it makes your home office look a lot tidier and organized.

Declutter Your Desk

There are probably so many things going on on your desk right now. Perhaps you will find a pile of papers on one side and a handful of pens and highlighters on another, a cup of coffee beside your laptop, and wires. To boost one’s productivity, it is essential to have a clear mind while working. You will never have a clear mind with a cluttered desk. 

Start emptying your desk, clean it, and put back only the ones that need to be there. You can also get yourself a desk organizer to place your stuff; at least this time, it is going to be a lot more pleasing to the eye. If you are hesitant about spending, you can always look for things at home that can do the work, like mugs for your pens or shoeboxes for your notebooks. As long as the things on your desk are finally not all over the place, then you are good. It is also a good practice to put everything back to its place once you are done using it to maintain its order, and an organized desk helps that.

Have your office chair!

Do you know that your posture at work affects your work performance a lot? Poor posture at work puts stress on your body as well as your mind, and it can change one’s mood. And worse, it brings effects to your health. Investing in an office chair will be such a big upgrade to your workspace. It will not only help you work comfortably and at ease, but it will also increase your productivity and make your home-office experience delightful. 

In purchasing an office chair, find the one that is a good match to the height of you and your desk; if it is adjustable, the better. Make sure that it is durable at the same time affordable. You can also get them in physical stores and online.

Make the space functional and comfortable

Is it better for you to place the desk beside the window? Is the sunlight going to be a bother? Or should the desk face the door? For some who have their office space in their bedroom as well, there are perhaps times when you would go to and from your desk and bed whenever you feel like laying down. This affects your workflow and sometimes brings out our laziness which lessens our productivity.

The arrangement of your office furniture and the overall office layout is also an essential factor to consider. It can affect your mobility and your ability to manage your work effectively. It also sets the whole mood and ambiance of the room. 

Decorate Your Workspace!

Decorating your home office is the best part! Aside from creating a work-inducing space, it is also conducive if you add your flavor and style to it. Adding some pictures, plants, and figurines also lifts the mood of your office. This will give you more motivation and boosts your productivity to work and get the job done. But take note that in decorating, you don’t necessarily have to go full-out; choose simplicity. Create a space that will help you have a clear and happy mind. 


With all these simple and helpful tips, now all you have left to do is start organizing and tidying your home-office. And you will see how much will change and how big your work performance will level up in your everyday work. Our work routine will finally become a lot happier, brighter, more productive, and less stressful. 

Know that investing in our workspace, which is actually like our everyday environment, is also an investment for ourselves. And we should, for our work, state of mind, and most especially our health. Also, keep in mind to take breaks from time to time! Have a great and productive time working from home!