5 Inspirational Quotes From Successful Business People



Sometimes, we all need a bit of inspiration. Success doesn’t come easy, and there’s a lot of heartbreak, stress and disillusioned thoughts along the way. With the right strategy and a hefty dose of perseverance, though, success might well be on the cards. These people understand that, so let’s take a look at some interesting and inspirational quotes.


“People do not work just for money, and if you are trying to motivate people, money is not the most effective tool.” – Akio Morita


This quote comes from one of the co-founders of Sony, who unfortunately passed away in 1999. The source of inspiration for this quote comes from the motivational factor it describes. Money isn’t all-powerful in every circumstance, and Akio understood that there was more to work than dollar signs. In your business, make sure money isn’t the only motivational factor for your employees.





“Act as if you’re going to die tomorrow.” – Josh Tetrick


Josh Tetrick is the CEO of Hampton Creek, and we’ve picked out this quote as it’s quite striking at first. The simple message it is trying to convey is clear, but it’s easy to forget how precious life can be. Every day could be your last, so make sure you use today to take big strides forward. Forbes has the piece that this quote is taken from if you want to read more.


“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” – Steve Jobs


This man needs no introduction. Steve Jobs was the CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. until his unfortunate passing in 2011. This quote shows that even the brightest minds will make mistakes on a regular basis. The important thing is that you present them out in the open, and continue to innovate elsewhere. It’s a crucial reminder that giving up isn’t the right way to go about it.






“I learned that you don’t get anywhere by sitting comfortably in a chair.” – Conrad Hilton


Conrad Hilton was the founder of the chain of hotels called Hilton Hotels. In terms of inspirational quotes, this one is simple but effective. Too many of us waste our lives away by sitting in front of the TV on a nightly basis. Getting out of that chair and making something happen is the best way to improve. This is a great motivational quote.


“You only have to be right once” – Drew Houston


Drew Houston is the founder and CEO of Dropbox — a Cloud storage service that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Again, this quote is all about simplicity, but it conveys the idea that you’re allowed to make mistakes. All it takes for success is one great idea, so it doesn’t matter if you stumble along the way to discovering it.


We hope you’ve found these quotes to be a great source of inspiration. Success is never a smooth ride, but you can achieve it by equipping yourself with the right mentality. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavours!